Delight mom with a beautiful card

What to give to your mother on March 8? We are not talking about any serious gifts that require large expenditures. It is much more important to give your attention. And how can such attention be supported? Of course, a self-made surprise. Everyone is pleased to receive bright and original cards with warm wishes. So make such a postcard and hand it to your mother on International Women's Day!

You can use different techniques.

How to make a postcard?

To make a beautiful and original card, you can simply show imagination and make something beautiful and original. Here are the main stages of manufacturing:

  1. Think over everything you want to do first. Imagine what your card will be, list all its individual parts, write them if necessary.
  2. Then think about how and how you will fasten the components together. It is most convenient to use glue, it is almost invisible.
  3. Each card has a base. It must be quite dense to withstand all the details. This may be thin cardboard or thick paper.
  4. When the base is ready, you can proceed to its decor. You can use a variety of parts: beads, sequins, ribbons, bows, corrugated colored paper and more. All this needs to be attached to the base.
  5. Then you can inspect your postcard to identify all the shortcomings and errors.
  6. And the last, but very important part - writing wishes. Put in this whole soul, because to give a postcard you will be the closest person - your mother.

Here is an approximate algorithm for the manufacture of such a gift, but some items may vary, it all depends on the shape, type and details. According to the same instructions, you can make a postcard for any other holiday: for a birthday, New Year or, for example, a wedding anniversary.

Several variants

So, how to make a postcard for your mother for this wonderful holiday? There are many options, we offer several of them.

Such a gift is nice to receive

Fabric card

For production you will need:

  • two types of fabric (it can be any kind of material, but it's better that they do not bloom on the edge);
  • thick base paper;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine or needle thread;
  • satin ribbon;
  • large beautiful bead;
  • resistant all-purpose adhesive;
  • computer and printer or black pen for writing wishes.

Instructions for making:

  1. First prepare the base. To do this, take a sheet of A4 paper and cut a part from it (the dimensions can be determined independently, if desired, the sheet can be not cut, then the finished card will be very large). The base is ready.
  2. If you have a computer and a printer, you can print the text of the wish on it. In this case, do this before you begin to cut the base. When the text is ready, cut a part of the sheet so that the wish is in the middle.
  3. Now cut out from one fabric a rectangle of the same dimensions as the base. If you have a figured scissors for a fabric, then the edge can be processed by them.
  4. Now take a different fabric and cut a piece smaller than the first. The edge can be cut with a wave to add a zest to the product.
  5. Now put a base on the table, place on it a larger piece of fabric, and on the top a smaller one, align all edges. You get a kind of book.
  6. Take this book and sew the edge of one side on a sewing machine (curly edges should be on the opposite side).
  7. Now tie the ribbon with a bow, sew it for strength and at the same time sew a large bead in the center of the knot.
  8. Glue a bow to the top corner of the postcard from the side of the "binding" of your book. If desired, you can decorate the fabric with sequins or sequins, gluing them with glue.
  9. Done!

Postcard "Mimosa"

On March 8, many give women flowers. And what if you put them right on the card? Spring is always reminiscent of mimosa, and we will use it.

You will need:

  • thick base paper;
  • gift paper tape or thin satin ribbon;
  • old sponge white;
  • yellow paint;
  • glue;
  • green colored double-sided paper;
  • scissors.

So, the instruction:

  1. First, prepare the base. It's simple. Cut a rectangle of thick paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Is done.
  2. Now let's start making flowers. Take a sponge. Paint dilute with water. Put a sponge in there, blot well, so that all of it absorbs the paint and turns bright yellow like mimosa.
  3. Now dry the sponge.
  4. Narvite it into small pieces. As you may have guessed, these will be mimosa buds.
  5. Now make foliage.To do this, cut out of green paper 2 or three small rectangles. Fold one in width, cut the edges in a semicircle so that when unfolded, you get ovals. Make many, many cuts on the diagonal, not reaching the fold with scissors. Also deal with the rest of the rectangles. The leaves are ready.
  6. On the front side of the card, designate places for sticking flowers. Let you have three branches. Draw three ovals.
  7. Glue the sponge pieces into each of the ovals, leaving small gaps between them to make it clear that they are separate buds.
  8. Now glue the foliage so that the ends meet in one place at the bottom. In this place, place a ribbon bow, attach it with glue.
  9. It remains only to write congratulations inside the postcard and hand it over.

Postcard "Ladies Handbag"

For a loved one, you can try

For its production you will need:

  • thick colored paper of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • wide satin ribbon and thin;
  • sequins, beads, rhinestones for decoration.

Start cooking:

  1. First, cut out the paper base for the handbag. To do this, draw a rectangle about 60 centimeters in length and about 20 centimeters wide (if the sheet is paper, just measure 20 centimeters in width, cut the rest).
  2. On the seamy side, having arranged the rectangle vertically, measure 20 centimeters from one edge, draw a line, then measure 5 centimeters, draw a line again. Measure another 20 centimeters, again draw a line.
  3. Make a fold on each line so that the wrong part remains inside.
  4. From paper, cut two rectangles measuring 7x20 centimeters. Place the figure vertically, bend a centimeter on each side. These are the side parts of the future handbag.
  5. Now take the main workpiece and fold it so that each side has a height of 20 centimeters, the bottom width was 5 centimeters, and the valve (that will close the bag) was equal to 15 centimeters. Between the walls you have formed gaps. Connect them with two side details, gluing centimeter bends to the edges of the wall.
  6. Bend the flap so that it closes the top of the bag. Then measure 5 centimeters and bend this part again so that it covers part of the front wall.
  7. Now paste a thin satin ribbon 15-20 centimeters long in the middle of the valve. Glue the same piece on the wall, just below the edge of the valve.
  8. Now cut a piece of 35-40 centimeters long from the wide ribbon, glue the ends to the wrong sides of the side parts. The pen is ready.
  9. Put a piece of paper in with your wishes inside the bag.

That's all. Let your postcard please mom!

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