Corrugated paper snowdrops

Corrugated paper snowdrops- a master class for making beautiful and many familiar snowdrops to decorate a house or collect a beautiful bouquet.

Materials and tools:

  1. white and green (olive) crepe paper;
  2. scissors;
  3. PVA glue;
  4. wire (preferably special for floristics)
  5. wool;
  6. watercolors;
  7. The manga.

Step 1

We cut out rectangles from corrugated paper: from white 3 x 4.5 cm, from green 5 x 4.5 cm. We fold in 3 layers.

Then we cut out the leaves from the green one, and the sizes on the photo from the white petals.

Step 2

Making the stem: biting off a 12 cm length of wire, cutting a 3-5 mm wide strip from green corrugated paper; using the crochet of PVA we wind the wire with a piece of paper.

Now let's make the core of the bud. Dip one end of the wire in the PVA glue and wrap some cotton.

We take semolina and paint it with yellow watercolor paint, mix it with ordinary (white) decoy.

We will wipe the tip of the cotton with glue and a perch in a painted semolina.

Step 3

Cut out the inner petals. We take a sheet of white paper and cut out a strip 25 mm wide, one edge is made by clay teeth.

We paint the side with the teeth (see photo). Wrap the strip around the core of cotton wool.

We give a convex shape to the outer petals and glue it on top of the inner petals.

Step 4

We cut off a strip of green corrugated paper and wrap the bottom of the bud and then the entire stem, for fixation we use PVA glue.

Cut a rectangle of green paper 50 x 25 mm. Roll it up and tightly twist one tip, then cut it off. It turned out the top leaf, which is glued to the stalk.

Finally, we paste two more leaves below.