Congratulations to the boys February 23

The holiday in honor of the defenders of the Fatherland is celebrated not only in families where there are veterans or military. It is celebrated in every family where there are men. On this day, we remember that little boys are also future men, future defenders of family and fatherland. Therefore, on the eve of this holiday, the question of organizing congratulations to boys on February 23 is popular. We will consider how to organize congratulations on February 23 of the boys, who only this year went to the 1st grade.

Congratulations to the boys February 23

Congratulations on February 23 to the boys by name

In the classroom, you can organize congratulations from girls on February 23 boys by name. To do this, you need to come up with a small comic verse for each name, and the girls will take turns reading them for each boy. Poems can be simple and just a few lines, then it will take no more than 20 minutes, but each boy will receive an original greeting. For example, you can use such greetings for boys by February 23:

A couple of lines wrote

We are about each of you.

If you did not guess

Do not judge us strictly!

Then read out small congratulations on the names:

We congratulate you!

From February 23

And we wish you, Nick,

A lot of happiness and good.

You can emphasize in the poems the bright features of each of their children:

The strongest, most agile,

Petya, you really believe us.

You are easy without mounting

You open the door to the classroom.


The smartest boy at school

Alexander, it is you.

Do not stay on football

In the yard until dark.


At the end of the congratulation you can give a gift to everyone.

Instead of learning verses, you can simply write them on postcards and give them along with gifts.


Congratulations to the boys on February 23 in the form of poems matched to each name will be a very memorable gift.

Song for boys on February 23

Congratulations to the boys February 23

No less interesting option would be a song for boys on February 23rd. The song can be learned and sung in chorus or recorded on a disc and turned on during breaks or after lessons.

Chastushki about boys on February 23

An original greeting can be a ditty, also performed by girls classmates. They are also easy to compose on your own or find on the Internet. Here are some examples for example:

Every boy in this class

Dexterity is very beautiful.

This is so glad, of course,

Our friendly female team.


In our class every boy

Awesome handsome.

We very much cherish them,

For them go to the army!

Oral congratulations can be organized not only in poetic form, but also in prose. Well, if such a congratulation will be pronounced by the teacher or one of the parents. You can tell what hopes everyone has on these boys when they grow up and become men, give parting words, tell them that they are the future pride of their parents, teachers, school, country ...

Competitions for February 23 for boys in school

Congratulations to the boys February 23

In addition to congratulations, in the scenario of the holiday you can include competitions on February 23 for boys in school. It can be a contest with questions from different subjects that they studied this year, or a joke contest, with fun-filled assignments. A good option for congratulating boys on February 23 will be sports competitions or a game organized in the school gym.

Riddles for February 23 for boys

You can think up various riddles on military themes on February 23 for boys. Guessing them, children will have a lot of fun.

Fire breathes, flames flames. - A gun.

Not God, not the king, and you can not disobey. - Commander.


Or riddles in verses:


Let my name is manual,

But the character is tame.

Very well remember

Enemy my shards! - The pomegranate.


Invented in the last century

Wonder-ear man.

Versts for a hundred it will hear,

As in a bear lair breathes. - Radar.

Gifts for boys on February 23 at school

Congratulations to the boys February 23

The most difficult task for parents and teachers is to decide which gifts to come up with for boys on February 23 at school. This may be a card with one of the creative congratulations discussed above. But the young defenders will be able to feel a real holiday at school, if apart from congratulations, they will receive gifts that I can take home.

For elementary school students, a set of sweets or a small toy on a military theme is perfect as such a gift. It could be toy tanks, toy soldiers. You can also donate T-shirts or hats in the color of a military uniform.