Cocktail "Strike"

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 31, 2011
Cocktail "Strike"

The alcoholic cocktail Strike is also called the Gold Strike Shot. Little is known about its history and rules of drinking. Cocktail Strike is usually served on special occasions for which you save the best varieties of alcohol, the best recipes of the kitchen. The layered cocktail Strike is beautiful not only in appearance, but also famous for its pleasant fruity aftertaste. This alcoholic cocktail belongs to the shooters (from the English "shot"), I mean cocktails with a volume of only 40-60 ml, which are drunk in one gulp. Therefore, the name of the cocktails is “shot”.

Cocktail Strike: composition

  • 20 ml of peach liquor. You can use the peach liqueur Marie Brizard or brand De Kuiper ("peach tree").
  • 20 ml of Gold Strike Cinnamon Liqueur. He will give the cocktail a rich aroma of cinnamon, various herbs and citrus.
  • 10 ml of lemon juice.

For the Strike cocktail, you need to prepare one glass for liqueurs and a cocktail spoon. I advise you to look at the cocktail strike in the photo, so as not to be mistaken with a glass, because this cocktail requires proper serving for special events. Look, even in the pictures the cocktail strike is beautiful.We do not need ice, but all the ingredients must be cold.

Cooking Strike Cocktail

  1. In a special glass for liqueurs pour the first layer - peach liqueur.
  2. Using a cocktail spoon, create a second layer. If you do not have this bar spoon, take the usual long knife. Now you need to put a spoon (knife) in a glass, leaning it against the wall of the shot, and then very slowly and gently put on it lemon juice. So you get an even second layer of Strike cocktail.
  3. The third layer of cocktail is created in the same way as the second. But instead of pouring lemon juice, pour Gold Strike cinnamon liqueur.

Cocktail Strike should be drunk in one gulp.

Under the same name in conventional stores sell energy cocktail (drink) Strike. There are even variations of it: strike in a black bank (strike dark) and strike a blue (strike sky). The content of ethyl alcohol in the energy cocktail Strike is about 8%, and also contains caffeine and taurine.

The effect of the alcoholic cocktail strike of blue and black is very harmful for the human body. Energetic performs a stimulating function in the body, and alcohol, on the contrary, depressing.All this is combined in the black and blue strikes, and therefore their use can lead to problems such as reduced potency, diseases of the cardiovascular system, insomnia. In France, for example, such drinks are prohibited at all. And in Germany there is a ban on the production of energy cocktails.