Clothespin wooden. Crafts

Clothespin wooden. Crafts

Crafts from wooden clothes pegs



Old wooden clothespins many housewives throw away as superfluous. But this material can be successfully used for decorating various surfaces, turning empty cans into stylish and unusual containers for bulk products. An interesting site figured out this question.

Sugar and tea, cereals and pasta, breadcrumbs, starch and other bulk products stored in “native” packs are inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing: assorted paper and plastic bags not only spoil the look of the kitchen, but also constantly strive to roll over, scattering the contents, not to mention already about that. that they are often torn at the most inopportune moment and do not at all protect products from dust, moisture, foreign odors and insect pests.

Each hostess is struggling with this problem in her own way: someone is used to using ordinary glass jars, someone still gets grandma's tin boxes, someone is buying special dishes for bulk products in stores ...

What about such an original barrel, which not only perfectly preserves any bulk product, but also becomes a decoration of the kitchen? Yes, and it will cost you almost nothing: you will have to spend money only on glue, and extra wooden clothespins and hemp rope will be found in almost any household.