Dream glue

Universal glue can glue everything, but not a human relationship. What does glue spell in a dream? Different interpreters will answer this.

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What dreams of glue, dream book
What dreams of glue, dream book

Modern dream book

When in a dream you accidentally spilled glue - in reality you can expect unpleasant events that portend tremendous harm. The dame lady�s glue foreshadows the pursuit of an unpleasant type.

In a dream, you glued something together - it means that you will actually get understanding from a friend or a loved one.

When to glue something did not work out - wait for the problems associated with your excessive openness.

They saw the glue dried up - it is possible to break love relationships or separation of a married couple.

In the dream book, staining with glue is treated as a difficult deliverance from an overly sticky acquaintance.

Idiomatic dream book

To dream glue in a dream means to care for someone or to meet a new person.

Small Veles dream

Have you seen glue in your dream? Expect the appearance of a reliable comrade.

Dream Dream Thelomena

The drew glue can mean that all the plans that have been conceived have a solid foundation under them, which means they are being successfully implemented.

When you had to see glue in your sleep that was glued to something, in reality it means that you are not too sure about your partners.

Spilled glue - expect some life trouble.

When in a dream you had to boil glue, it means that in reality you will be doing housework.

When you put glue on something in a dream - your fans for the most part look at your savings than their qualities.

Dream Medea

Dream interpretation treats the dream of glue in the same way - strong relationships both in the personal sphere and in the sphere of work.

If you saw a bottle of glue in your dream, it means that in reality a bad person will stick to you, regardless of your desires.

When you have to stick together in a dream any thing - it means you are worried about the reliability of your partner.

Cooking glue dreams of cash receipts.

Cooked paste to stick wallpaper? In real life, you will do things that you cannot handle very quickly.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Saw glue in a dream - it means you will soon become the owner of substantial wealth.

To small household chores dreams of cooking glue.

When in a dream you smeared glue on something - wait in reality for the moment when the real face of a fan will open to you, who no longer pays attention not to your qualities, but to your wealth.

Got stuck on something - wait for a profitable job offer.