Citrus rinds for tea

How do you like tea? With lemon or without? If you like lemon tea, this recipe will be useful.
 Citrus Crusts for Tea
Who does not know the picture: tainted oranges, tangerines and lemons or their rind are sent to trash can.
Citrus peel to tea
Do not rush to throw everything away, it can still serve you.
Citrus peel to tea
Peel the citrus fruit from the damaged parts. They will become the main ingredient.
Citrus rinds for tea
Add more sugar and ginger to them.
 Citrus peel for tea
Squeeze juice out of fruits.
 Citrus peels for tea
Add 3-4 spoons of sugar to the resulting juice and mix until all is dissolved.
Citrus crusts to tea
Citrus crisp crushing.  Citrus crusts for tea
Ginger is better to grind through grater. So he will give more flavor. But, it is possible to cut thin circles. Add it to the crusts and mix.
 Citrus crusts for tea
Pour the resulting mass of citrus syrup, and thoroughly grind the crust. Put the resulting mass in a glass jar and send in the fridge for a day. And now it's time to try the culinary “masterpiece”. Make a cup of tea and add a spoonful of citrus rinds to it.