Church holiday on August 14




This is the first of three holidays to THROUGH THE WHOLE THRESHOLD, SAVING TO OUR JESUS ​​CHRIST, as it were, connecting the entire USPENSKY POST. It was established on the occasion of signs from the icons of the Savior, the Most Holy Theotokos and the Holy Cross during the battles of the holy Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky (1157-1174) with the Volga Bulgars in 1164.

SEVEN HOLY MUCHENIKOV MAKKAVEYEV: AVIM, ANTONIN, GURIY, ELEAZAR, EUSENON, ADIM and MARCH, their mother SOLOMONIA and their teacher ELEAZAR suffered in 166 before the Nativity of Christ, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church, the Church Church, the Church Church, the Church Church The adherents of the True God were judged and with great firmness went to the torment. The first to die was ninety-year-old Eleazar; his disciples - the seven Maccabees and his mother Solomonius - were also judged and fearlessly recognized themselves as followers of the True God. After the six brothers were tortured, Antiochus offered Solo-monii to persuade at least the younger son to renounce, so that he would survive, but the courageous mother strengthened him in confessing the True God.After the death of all the children, Solomonia, standing over their bodies, threw up her hands with a prayer to God and passed away. The deed of the Maccabees inspired Judas the Maccabeus - he rebelled against Antiochus Epiphanes and with the help of God won the victory, having cleared the Jerusalem temple of idols. Also look at all church holidays in August and a convenient calendar, where all church holidays are distributed by months. It is convenient to watch the calendar of church holidays in August.


Signs on August 14

  1. First Spas. In most areas, early sowing of winter rye began.
  2. When you sow bread in the weather, the offspring are more generous.
  3. In wet weather and in rain, rye should not be sown; as wetting the shafts, so go home.
  4. If during the ripening of the raspberry the first berries are large, then the rye should be sown earlier; with small berries, mean or late sowing of rye is better.
  5. Plow under the winter, this winter, prepare the threshing floor and the barns.
  6. At first Spas pinch peas.
  7. Ripens raspberry. The harvesting of the forest raspberry, the oldest medicinal plant, begins. People used not only dry herbs (brewed in the form of tea for colds), but also raspberry flowers, an infusion of which was used as an antidote to snake and scorpion bites; a decoction of flowers washed inflamed eyes, and water extract of leaves rinsed throat with sore throat.
  8. We hurried to collect the ripe berries of bird cherry - a wonderful tool that has astringent, diuretic and diaphoretic properties, used in gastrointestinal diseases.
  9. In the Urals and in Siberia, from the first Savior, the cedars begin to bump.
  10. The First Savior - the beginning of the Uspensky Post (until August 28), which is said: Spasovka - gourmet, and Petrovka (Petrovsky post) - hunger strike. In Petrov fast, except onions, there is no other green for the peasants, and to Uspensky there are cucumbers, watermelons, etc.
  11. At first Spas fly swallows and swifts.
  12. Roses bloom, cold dew fall.
  13. The first Savior is wet.
  14. The first Savior has everything in stock: rain and bucket.
  15. From the first Savior and the dew is good.
  16. At first, saved the holy wells.
  17. At first, Savior there are everywhere processions to the water.
  18. Horses, like all cattle, usually bathe this day for the last time.