Choosing a quality mink coat

Choosing a quality mink coatWho of the girls does not dream of becoming the owner of a luxurious mink coat, which will not only warm in the cold winter cold, but also emphasize your status? And if, finally, your dream is close to becoming a reality, then before going to the salon of fur products we recommend to arm yourself with the recommendations that are given in this article.

Check the mink coat for quality

Do not think that the more expensive the coat, the better it will last and longer. When choosing a mink coat, the principle “more expensive means better” does not always work. And therefore, first of all, you need to make a visual analysis of the fur. If the fur is fresh, then each hair will play oily in the light, and the undercoats will look thick and uniform. We recommend holding the palm against the growth of wool, such a simple action sometimes helps to identify bald spots in the product and other defects.

If there are hairs on the hands or at all shreds of fur, this indicates that the fur coat has already been put up for sale in several collections.The product from the old fur will soon become useless, it will wrap itself on the sleeves, sides and collar.

There is another subtlety that will help not to make a mistake when buying a high-quality mink coat - this is an inspection of the seams. The fact is that if the product is made conscientiously, the seam will look good and withstand stretching. Stitches should be the same thickness.

Choose the optimal color of the fur product

Choose the optimal color of the fur product

Of course, we have different tastes and preferences, but we recommend you to listen to advice on choosing a shade of a fur coat, so that in the future you will not be upset about the impracticality of a purchased item.

If you are a fan of white furs, you should take into account that even with careful care, in 2-3 years your coat will become yellowish. In addition, the spots on the white furs are much more difficult to remove even by dry cleaning.

Gray and brown shades of fur products - the most practical option for our winters. They last much longer than whites. This is explained by the fact that such shades do not fade in the sun, in case of wiping, a bald spot will not be so conspicuous, since the skin color and the fur itself are usually identical.Therefore, if you plan to wear a fur coat for a long time (5-8 years), these colors will be the best choice.

If you liked black, blue or dark green shades when choosing a mink coat, you should take into account that fur items of such colors are not compatible with trips in public transport, as in this case they will wear out quickly, and you will hardly be able to you can hide it.

The most exciting is the purchase

The most exciting is the purchase

Once you are convinced of the impeccable quality and choose the color of your dreams, we recommend that you take the purchase procedure seriously. A mink coat is a rather expensive thing, so don’t rush to give money for it right after a minute of fitting. While measuring a fur coat in front of a mirror, we advise you to imagine yourself with the shoes, hats and bags that you already have. If mentally accessories and boots are not completely combined with the selected fur coat, then try another option. You will definitely find something of your own. By the way, if you are the owner of short stature or prefer shoes at low speed, you will not fit long-cut fur coats. It is possible that in them you will look ridiculous.

The main role when buying a mink coat

And most importantly, if you are serious about buying a fur coat, we recommend that you do this not alone, but with a group of advisors. It is better if it will be a mother or husband, these people will appreciate you most objectively. Sellers and friends in this case do not always tell the truth, we think, guess why.

We wish you to find the very fur coat that warmed you in your dreams. And our advice, we hope, will play a major role in the purchase of a mink coat - so desired things in the women's wardrobe.