Choosing a bed

A huge amount of time we spend in a dream. Therefore, the bed should be chosen carefully: it should be as comfortable as possible, do not clutter up the bedroom space and fit into the overall interior of the room. What to consider when buying and how to check the quality of the future bed?

Design Features

It doesn’t matter whether the luxury beds or the beds of the economy class are all made up of a mattress and frame.

It is from the quality and features of the structure of the frame depends on the durability and strength of the bed. Choosing a sleeping bed, you need to carefully inspect the base of the mattress, back, side panels, headboard, legs.

The strength of a bed depends on the number of slats at its base. It is good if they are equipped with stiffness regulators that allow changing the softness of the bed. Not bad, if the design allows you to adjust the height of the upper part of the bed.

Base options:

  • metal mesh - a cheap, but low-quality option;
  • wooden frame with slats - a solid base;
  • beech plates planted on a metal, wooden frame is the best option.

The base of the single beds should consist of 15 plates, and the double - 30.

It’s convenient if there are laundry drawers located in the side panels in the bed.


The fundamental part of the bed design, on which the durability and strength of furniture also depend, is the frame. What to look for? The appearance, size and material of manufacture are important. It is important that the size of the frame matches the mattress completely, otherwise the life of the bed will be significantly reduced.

Typically, the frame is made of metal, wood. The most durable and durable material is considered to be solid wood from hardwood and coniferous species (beech, oak, ash).

There is a risk to buy a fake when choosing a wooden frame. So keep in mind: natural wood has a uniform shade, and artificial wood is painted in different colors.

Check the strength of the frame: the number of jumpers and grilles should match the size of the bed. The larger the bed, the more these details must be present in the design.

Pay attention to the height of the frame - according to the standard, it should rise above the floor by 50 cm.

Properly chosen bed will help you sleep peacefully and comfortably. A soft leather furniture perfectly complements the interior of the bedroom, giving it a finished look. However, it is appropriate to look only in the bedrooms with a large area, decorated in a classic style.