Choice of water heater

In our house very often there is no hot water. The family is big, three young children who often need to be bathed, so they thought about buying a boiler. Who can tell which is better to choose and where can I buy it in Moscow?
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Answered on February 13, 23:53
Based on the number of people in your family, you first need to choose a boiler in terms of volume, so that everyone has enough to wash, cook, wash the dishes. For your family, most likely, suitable water heater volume of 120 liters.
Answered on February 14, 00:01
I immediately wanted to buy a flowing water heater - it is compact and instantly heats the water. But, having estimated, what expenses will be on the electric power, we bought an accumulative boiler. In principle, it turned out to be very convenient, since it contains a certain amount of hot water.
Answered on February 14 00:13
In our area very often turn off the electricity, and as always, at the wrong moment. We didn’t dream of installing a water heater in our apartment, but I’ve found indirect heating boilers, you can look at the models here. Weigh the pros and cons, and choose the water heater that suits you