Chiffon flower brooch

Flower brooch is a very interesting and feminine decoration. Its production will take about an hour and a half. The cost price of the brooch is not large, but it looks even better than the purchased jewelry. The flower will perfectly revive any dress or cardigan. You can wear it yourself or give it to your friend for the holiday.
 Flower-chiffon brooch
You will need: 1) 15-20 cm wide chiffon section
2) sewing accessories (thread, needle, scissors, pin, crayon) 3) three small beads 4) a piece of thick fabric measuring 4 * 4 cm 5) a candle 6) cardboard 1) We take a thick cardboard and draw on it blanks of petals of various sizes: small, medium and large.
 Flower- brooch chiffon
2) Cut the cardboard petals and impose them on the chiffon. Circle with white chalk or pencil.
Flower chiffon brooch
3) Cut the petals. You should get about 15 large petals, 7 medium and 5 small ones. Their number can vary.The more petals you make, the more dense and volumetric your flower will be.
 Flower-chiffon brooch
3) Light a candle and begin to burn the petals around the perimeter. This procedure is necessary to ensure that the edges are slightly melted and not crumbled. In addition, due to the effect of the flame, the petals are slightly bent inward, becoming like the real ones.
 Chiffon Flower Brooch
4) The next step is to assemble the flower. We take the smallest petals, sew to each other with a shift. Moving in a circle. In the same way we sew medium and large petals. After all the petals are collected, it is necessary to arrange the core of the flower. We take 3 cute beads to match the fabric or contrast, sew them into the center of the flower. We turn the product to make the mount. Take a piece of thick fabric measuring 4 by 4 cm, cut a circle out of it. In the circle we make cuts and insert a pin. The base can be glued to the flower or sewn with threads in the color of the fabric.
 Chiffon brooch flower
5) Our flower is ready!
Brooch flower from chiffon