Causes of Cystitis

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 25, 2013
Causes of Cystitis

Cystitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the bladder. This disease is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms. These include dysfunction of the genitourinary system, pain during urination, and frequent urge for little need. Also changes indicators of the composition of urine - it becomes turbid.

Features of the disease in women

This inflammation is typical for both sexes, but in women it is more common due to the structural features of the urethra. An infection can very easily get into the bladder through the canal, since It is short (only a couple of centimeters) and wide.

The main causes of cystitis in women:

  • In the first place is hypothermia due to wearing mini-skirts in frosty weather. Also, the body can get hypothermia, if you swim in cold water or sit on a stone or concrete surface.
  • A serious problem is the lack of habits daily wash. Also, the cause of infection in the bladder can be a rare change of pads during menstruation.
  • If you really want to go to the toilet, in no case can not be tolerated, becausestagnation of urine contributes to the development of this disease.
  • Lack of vitamins and poor nutrition.
  • Violations on the hormonal background.
  • Cystitis can develop after childbirth, early pregnancy, and after surgery on the urogenital system.
  • The presence of other untreated infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Features of the disease in men

Much less often than women, there is cystitis in men, the causes of which are not very, but different. The development of cystitis is caused by the penetration of an infection during a bladder catheterization. The inflammatory process can take place in the prostate gland and urethra, as well as the seminal vesicles, epididymis. Cystitis can develop as a result of kidney disease, but most often infection occurs in an ascending way, i.e. on the urethra.

The disease can develop as a complication of prostate adenoma or other infectious processes occurring in the organs of the urogenital system. The cause of cystitis in adolescence can be a failure to follow simple rules of personal hygiene.

The disease in men is the same as in women.Urination is carried out in small portions and is accompanied by pain and a burning sensation. The disease makes a man very often run to the toilet and greatly affects his sexual function and general well-being.

If you know the causes of cystitis, this will help you avoid such an unpleasant illness. A man may never know such a problem if he is taught in a childhood to follow the rules of hygiene.