Carbohydrate diet

As a rule, in the spring, many girls begin to actively prepare for the summer and bring their figure in order. They begin to exercise hard and go on diets. There are so many diets now that it is very difficult to make a choice on something concrete, and most importantly, effective and not very exhausting.

We suggest to pay your attention to a carbohydrate diet for weight loss.

Carbohydrates are very important components in the composition of food. They are the main source of energy, accelerate metabolism and send signals to the brain about satiety. Properly chosen balanced diet with a predominance of carbohydrates in the food helps not only to lose those extra pounds, but also cleanse the body of taxins and slags, relieve stress and improve mood. The fact is that carbohydrates are directly involved in the formation of the so-called happiness hormone - serotonin.

However, it should be noted that not all carbohydrate-containing products are edible with such a diet. The main criterion in the selection of products is fast and easy digestibility.

There are several options for carbohydrate diets, we dwell on two in more detail: strict and lax.

A mild diet suggests that for a long time the human diet includes the following foods high in carbohydrates:

  1. cereals and grains
  2. legumes (peas, lentils, beans)
  3. fruits (pineapples, oranges, grapefruits)
  4. vegetables (all kinds of cabbage, celery, spinach, carrots, asparagus).

For a more detailed list of products suitable for carbohydrate diets, see the table below.

Note that sugar, bread, potatoes are excluded from this list.

Lax diet can be followed for a very long time, it is not limited in time and can be for someone the main way of nutrition.

The menu of a strict carbohydrate diet is not so varied. In addition, it is imperative to ensure that meals take place on the clock 6 times a day (at 7, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 19 hours). At the same time portions should be approximately the same, and there should be no snacking between main meals. Under the condition of compliance with all instructions, this carbohydrate diet for weight loss will help get rid of 5 - 7 kilograms in 7 days.And if you repeat this course after a week of rest from the diet - from 4 kg more.

Diet with strict carbohydrate diet

Before starting a diet it is recommended to arrange a fasting day. Then, during the diet, before each meal, drink 50 g of a special infusion (in a glass of boiling water, brew 1 tsp. Of Hypericum, chamomile and calendula). And every morning you need to start with one cup of black coffee without sugar. You can not sit on this diet for more than 7 days, because the body will lack other nutrients that you temporarily eliminate from the diet. After a week of dieting, you can return to normal diet for 1 week, but do not eat fatty, farinaceous, spicy, and sweet foods. Then you can go on a diet for one more week.

  • 1 day - 400 g of baked unsalted potatoes and half a liter of nonfat kefir. (that's all you can eat in a day, and remember that it needs to be divided into 6 equal parts)
  • 2 day - 400 g of nonfat cottage cheese and half a liter of nonfat kefir
  • Day 3 - 400 grams of any fruit (except grapes and bananas) and half a liter of nonfat kefir
  • 4 day - 400 g. Of boiled chicken breast and half a liter of nonfat kefir
  • 5 day - eat the menu of the third day
  • 6 day - fasting day: you can drink only 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas
  • 7 day - eat the menu of the third and fifth days.

Be prepared for the fact that the first three days will be very hard. Starting on the fourth day, the feeling of hunger will not be so strong.

Such a diet is useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as ulcers and gastritis. But in all you need to know the measure: you can sit on this diet no more than 2 times a year.

Along with the carbohydrate diet, the protein-carbohydrate diet is very popular, or it is otherwise called the carbohydrate alternation diet. From the name it becomes clear that this diet is built on the principle of alternating proteins and carbohydrates. The duration of such a diet is 3 weeks, and you need to eat clearly on schedule. In fact, such a diet with minor variations can be the benchmark for proper and healthy eating.

Diet protein-carbohydrate alternations, there are a great many. Some of them offer to eat protein for the day, carbohydrate for the day. We will offer you a diet, where on the first day, proteins and carbohydrates will be in the diet in approximately the same quantities,then in the next two days the advantage will be on the side of protein food, 1 day - carbohydrate, then again two days proteins, day - carbohydrates, etc. Remember that you need to eat in small portions and do not pass!

Carbohydrate diet menu:

1 day:

  • Breakfast - muesli and one glass of kefir
  • Lunch - steamed fish and mashed potatoes
  • Dinner - cottage cheese
  • At night - yogurt

2 day:

  • Breakfast - 1 cup of tea, 2 hard boiled eggs and cheese
  • Lunch - boiled fish with vegetables and mushrooms
  • Dinner - Stew and Lentils

3 day:

  • Breakfast - a cup of tea and cottage cheese with sour cream
  • Lunch - bean salad, 1 slice of bread, yogurt and tea
  • At night you can drink yogurt

4 day:

  • Breakfast - a cup of coffee with milk and a bun and 2 bananas
  • Lunch - a plate of borsch with a slice of bread, a cup of tea and some chocolate
  • Dinner - vegetable salad, rice with a cutlet, grapefruit juice

5 day:

  • Breakfast - crispbread with kefir
  • Lunch - fried fish with vegetables
  • Dinner - cottage cheese

As you have noticed, the diet is quite diverse and this diet seems to be very gentle and not very exhausting. Sit on a diet under the force of each. If you are afraid to start with a strict diet, because you do not know how your body will react to it, then we advise you to pay attention to the protein-carbohydrate diet.Positive reviews of many people do not allow to doubt its effectiveness.

Good luck!