Call or write? New rules of communication etiquette

Life in phones and pictures somehow imperceptibly took everything into its own hands and led us to a new form of communication: we stopped calling each other. Parents, grandparents, of course, do not count, their unexpected incoming ones do not surprise us.

C friends is another story. Everyone is sitting in the messengers. I remember, there was a case when I planned a (!) Call with a friend. We tried literally up to a minute to agree on a specific time. And so, by the way, and not phoned. Every time you want to recruit one person or another, think a hundred times. After all, today this act is seen as an invasion of personal territory.

Today, everyone is busy with such incredibly important things that it does not lift the hand from saving the world.

Of course, something else definitely depends on the format of the friendship. But still, in most cases, everyone switched to "write down." It’s funny that you have to communicate with each of your friends on different virtual platforms.There are those who write exclusively on Facebook. Others prefer regular messages. But there are also those who ask to write strictly in vatsap or telegrams, because to send sms in the usual way, it turns out, is now not accepted. Advanced vatsap are not used at all, communicating only in the above-mentioned telegram. Well, modern fads are quite understandable. But how do you like voicemail? That is to make a call - a taboo, and talk on the phone - ok? With these “audio files” you never know what to do. It's inconvenient to listen to everybody: it's ridiculous to put the phone to your ear, then go out somewhere; on the street it is not always audible that they are trying to convey to you. Well, and so on.

Call or write? New rules of communication etiquette

Even more fun people look on the run slandering confused works. And some people think of congratulating them on holidays in such a one-way way without the right to reciprocate emotion or elementary living thanks. Personally, I do not add up to the voice format so much that every time I start talking with the record and every time I get scared, revealing the whole absurdity of the situation.

In the professional sphere, the same story: calls without warning cause unbelievable annoyance, and the caller by default becomes an annoying type.On the other hand, there is an unspoken discontent when they write to Facebook on work issues. And where else to write, if there is no e-mail, and telephone messengers are still considered to be a zone of private communication with friends and family (although many do not know!). The endless stream of "urgent" questions arriving on the phone, incredibly misleads from its own rhythm. What you have been doing goes by the wayside. And it seems to have to answer, and the person is most likely waiting, because he saw: “The message has been read”. The vicious vicious communication circle that we have created for ourselves. Logically, the message format does not require an immediate response. But you must have noticed how differently people relate to this theory. Some respond as quickly as possible. Others write a kind of "explanatory" that, they say, this way and that, it’s impossible to talk now, business, you need a navigator and so on. I always wonder why I should write this, if it is trite to answer later. But no, not only do you understand what you wrote at the wrong time, and you also worry that you are answered on the road. Messages in principle do not allow to relax.Even if you yourself have scribbled something to someone, you will remember about it during the day, checking the phone.

Call or write? New rules of communication etiquette

The working moments “fly in” today as well at absolutely any time - some details, clarifications. That is, it turns out that a break from the flow of information is impossible in principle, and in order to accomplish this, you have to turn off any sounds.

In general, we must also note that the silent mode on the smartphone is becoming the norm for many. You can do current work without being distracted by vibrations and melodies, but you can always call back as well.

Ideally, everything could look like this. Any non-urgent questions - in the mail. The most urgent - by phone call. Well, it's in a perfect world.