Call first?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 18, 2013
Call first?

To interfere in the relations of two close people is a thankless task. They themselves will understand better than with someone else's help. And sometimes there is a difference between them - quarrels, insults, quarrels, even betrayals and breaks. We have listed all the unpleasant aspects of the relationship, when a girl may have a question about whether to call first. After all, sometimes a call is a step towards reconciliation.

Who is this guy to you?

Before you think about whether to call the guy first, you need to decide - who is this person for you, why do you need him? If he is your only and beloved for life, then you probably should call. And if you know a week and he is gone, then why should you remind yourself? Another thing, if you are madly in love, and you want a serious and long relationship. Then you can call and invite yourself on a date. Just make it easy, as if by chance, by the way. Make it clear that you have not planned anything. And better bring the guy to the fact that he himself invited you.

Remember his character

The call, as we have already determined, is a step towards reconciliation.If this man is near and dear to you, then you probably know if he is taking the first step? There are men who will not tolerate it, even if they are guilty and have long realized everything and really want to make peace. If yours is exactly that, then call first. There is nothing you can do. And if he constantly goes first to reconciliation, and in this case he has been silent for a week, you can be sure that he has already calmed down with another thing (not necessarily a woman), and waits for you to break. Call, even if you decide to part with such a man, because it’s interesting that he has changed!

Measure the degree of guilt

Should I call the first man if he officially stated that he broke up with you? And if offended that you broke his favorite cup? Do you understand what influences your decision? If the reason for your break is that you never forgive, then there is nothing to call, only you will ruin your mood once again. And if the cause of the quarrel is petty, then do not be angry with the man, forgive him and call. Why waste time on a quarrel when you can take it with something else along with your loved one.

How to determine?

Yes, you will say, it is easy for you to argue and divide situations into “decided to leave” and “have a little quarrel”.And if you decide, and the first to dial his number is difficult? Then do this: take a sheet of paper and write on it on the right all the positive sides of your loved one, and on the left all negative ones. Then in front of each line, put a score on a 10-point system. Add the resulting numbers and see if there is more - positive or negative? If there are more advantages, then do not even think about whether to call first, call! Well, if the minuses ... think further. This way though smacks of bureaucracy, but it gives a more or less adequate picture of your relationship, which simply does not work out in your head, especially when you are on an emotional platoon.