Bright lip makeup with glitter

Bright and fluffy lips - the dream of many girls. Stylish and unusual makeup with glitter will help to make them exactly like that.

What it is?

Glitter in the world of fashion is called sequins, that is, make-up with glitter is a make-up supplemented with sparkles. One of the first to offer and perform it was the famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, who created Rihanna’s images for the concert and top models at the Atelier Versace show. And she also developed the first complete set of cosmetics, which includes six lipsticks, three glitters, as well as one golden pigment and glitter.

When such a makeup is appropriate?

Immediately it should be noted that lip makeup with glitter just can not be considered everyday, it is suitable only for special occasions, for example, for photo shoots, theme parties, performances as dancers, shows, beauty contests and other similar events. You can create a vivid image for a party, but remember that sparkles are impractical: with such a makeup it is extremely inconvenient to drink and eat.

What do you need to create makeup?

To create makeup you will need the following tools and accessories:

  • The basis. Its function can be performed by liquid or lipstick having a glossy structure (matte will not work, the glitter will simply not fix on it) or lip gloss.
  • Directly glitter. It can be specialized and designed specifically for makeup or designed for nail design.
  • You can apply glitter using a special brush or a usual cotton swab.
  • Spray fixture for makeup. It will allow to fix the coating and prevent the splashes from shining and their distribution over the face.

Makeup Technique

How to make lip makeup with glitter? It is performed in several stages:

  1. First, you can moisturize and soften the lips, for example, with a balm or cream. If they are dry, the glitter will begin to clog in the grooves, which will spoil the overall impression.
  2. Next, apply the main tool. It is applied in an even and rather dense layer, without going beyond the contours of the lips. If the coating is thin, the glitter will not fix on it properly.
  3. Then follows the direct application of the glitter itself.How to apply this tool? Gradually, to create a perfectly flat finish. Take a sufficient amount of glitter and gently distribute them over the surface of the lips, moving from the middle to the edges. Now fill the remaining voids and create a thick layer.
  4. Remove all glitter that went beyond the lips and fell on the face.
  5. Fix make-up with a spray.

Tip: there is another way that can be called wet (as described above - dry). You can simply mix the sparkles with a small amount of liquid lipstick or gloss, and then proceed to the application.

Rules and Tips

To make your makeup perfect, follow some rules and follow simple tips:

  • Remember that the main bright accent is your iridescent lips, so eye makeup should be less flashy and challenging.
  • A very important rule is the perfect face tone. So first cleanse the skin and apply a tonal base. Remember to eliminate all defects, as the lips may attract attention to them.
  • Try to apply glitter locally, for example, only on the central areas of the lips, on the edges or on the inner region.
  • The contour of the lips should be smooth, well-defined and perfect. And for this you can use a pencil, which advantageously lip lips and create their attractive outlines.
  • It is better to use medium-sized or large-sized glitter, since the small glitter tends to crumble, fall into the mouth and spread over the face.
  • Try experimenting with colors. So, the shade of lipstick or gloss and glitter may be different, which will create an unusual effect. Silver and golden glitters can be considered universal, they fall on almost all the colors of the lips. But also the basis and a brilliant covering can completely coincide on a tone or concern one scale.

Try to make a fashionable lip makeup with a glitter and become bright and unique!

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