Brazil nut: good and harm

The benefits of the Brazil nut

The largest nut in the world, namely this is the fruit of bertolet, has a high caloric content - 682 kilocalories per 100 grams. This nut is rich in trace elements, B vitamins, vitamin A, E, PP, amino acids, fiber, protein, flavonoids.
Brazil nuts contain large amounts of selenium, an element that helps prevent cancer of the breast, prostate, intestines and lungs. A pair of Brazil nuts per day can replenish the daily rate of selenium.
Fruits of bertolet contain a large amount of fat. These are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which help clean the blood from cholesterol.Peeled Brazil nuts should be stored in a closed container so that they do not absorb foreign odors in a cold place.
It is useful to have Brazil nuts for those suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis and cataracts.Fruits of nuts contain a large number of nutrients that contribute to a better metabolism, help fight chronic fatigue, and normalize blood sugar levels.Brazil nuts are added to ice cream, chocolate, pastries. They are also included in the composition of salads, main dishes, snacks.
Due to the high content of vitamin E, Brazilian oil is used in cosmetology. Based on it, anti-aging creams, lotions, as well as cosmetics for the care of the scalp and hair are prepared. Quite often they enrich cosmetic products with nut oil independently, at home.Brazil nuts are used to treat male infertility and improve reproductive function in women. For this you need to enter into the daily diet one fruit.
Brazil nut oil is used not only to care, but also to treat the skin. Since it moisturizes and heals the skin well, it is used to treat burns, wounds and ulcers.

Brazil nut damage

Brazil nuts contain a small amount of radioactive radium. Therefore, in order not to cause harm to health, one should not eat more than two fruits per day.
In people whose body is prone to allergic reactions, Brazil nuts can cause their manifestation.