Body art - art, not everyone understands

The body is the only thing that a person owns completely, which means that this is a huge, interesting and amazing field for experiments that helps people "open up", show themselves and distinguish themselves among the crowd.

Body art is a whole art that uses, as an object for creativity, not canvases and paper, namely the human body, resorting, sometimes, to the most amazing and varied manipulations, which even in modern society can evoke a very ambiguous opinion.

The body is a canvas

In most cases, such art is a way of self-expression of the artist himself, although there are some of its varieties where the canvas itself expresses itself, that is, the person whose body is used to apply the “drawings”.

Body art is a direction that its origins go deep into antiquity, drawings on the body were applied even when clothes were not even invented, like this, even many centuries ago, our ancestors sought to express themselves.

A great option for a masquerade

Naturally, all this was done for a specific purpose, for example, in many tribes, warriors applied frightening patterns to their bodies, which should have been striking the enemy, so to speak, to once again demonstrate their strength and power. But the shamans used pictures on the body during some rituals and rituals, these paintings laid a deep meaning, so they drove away evil spirits or called for help from higher powers.

Single whole

In the modern world, such traditions of body painting have been preserved in some tribes of the natives, who still live in Africa, Australia and South America. To this day, the indigenous people of some areas of Australia are painted with colored clay or natural ocher for ritual dances and celebrations.

It is not hard to guess that in modern society, body art on the body or face is something more than ritual or frightening drawings, it is an art that, due to its colors and uniqueness, allows you to reveal the soul, create "living" paintings and compositions that are not there will be no analogues in the world, because each person, in his own way, is unique.

Talent needed to paint such

Modern artists who realize their creative potential in such amazing art have not been confined to one single person for a long time, entire festivals are held in the world, where from a large number of painted human bodies, composed in a certain order, pyramids of forests and oceans are formed, “living »Landscapes or abstractions. Such huge paintings, and even living ones, are not so often able to face with their own eyes.


The picture can be anything

It turns out that body art is a whole area of ​​art that combines a large number of concepts and types, they differ in the way they decorate the human body and the materials used for this.

  • Bodypainting - this is the usual form of body art for us, which involves drawing pictures on the body and face. This way of decorating your own body is the most painless and, probably, large-scale, because it is used for a variety of purposes: the artist’s self-expression, entertainment, as well as marketing activities.
  • Tattooing is also a type of body art, which, in fact, is not very different in appearance from bodipeyting, but the method of application immediately makes it clear that these two types are completely different from each other.Tattoo, as an art, appeared relatively recently, but it already acquired a large number of admirers and admirers, and beautiful, highly artistic colored tattoos can cause admiration even among the most zealous opponents of such adornment.
  • Piercing - this is another unusual manifestation of body art, which means "piercing" holes. Naturally, no one will walk with empty holes, so they are usually inserted with earrings, rings and any other things whose location on the body can be the most amazing.
  • Scart is probably the most rare and somewhat frightening species that implies scarification, i.e. scarification. On the skin in a special order are applied sufficiently deep cuts, which leave intricate scars on the body.

What is it used for today?

First of all, such drawings on the body of a girl or a man help them to stand out among the “gray mass”, admirers of such art strive to show that they are not like everyone else, have their own opinion and opinion on how the human body should look today.

Makeup can be awesome

In fact, you should not look for some sacred or ritual manifestation in this, all this, In the majority, it has long since faded into oblivion, and most of the drawings on the body are used for entertainment events, for example, to go to a club or to a disco, football fans who paint their faces with football symbols of the club are also followers of the art of body art.

By the way, the subspecies of bodypainting, which is referred to as face-art, has also received a very rapid spread, especially at festive carnivals, thematic parties in clubs or on any other thematic holidays.

“Canvas” for drawing becomes a person’s face, and face-art is not similar to ordinary decorative make-up, because its goal is not to emphasize beauty, but, on the contrary, to hide it under a “mask” that can change a person beyond recognition. Elements of such a direction are often mixed using glitter, false lashes, rhinestones and other decorative trifles that are able to create a real work of art.

For carnival

What do you need?

If you decide to feel like a “canvas” or, on the contrary, you want to try yourself as an artist who creates in such an amazing direction, then you, first of all, need a bright desire.

By the way, many girls or men who do not dare to put a real tattoo on their body, resort to using such drawings, which, subject to the use of special paints, can stick on the body for a rather long time and then disappear without a trace. For example, the art of painting with the help of henna, which is also called menti, can stay on the body for 7 to 20 days!

It is a masterpiece

In order to get a beautiful picture on your body, you need to prepare paints that must be special: for example, if you paint the body with ordinary gouache, it quickly cracks and peels, tightens the skin. For this, artists mix gouache with shampoos, thereby softening its composition - an ideal way for beginning artists body art.

It is hard work

There is also a special make-up that lasts a long time and is easily applied, though, and is quite expensive. Some artists use acrylic paints for such purposes, they are softer than gouaches, though, and it is harder to wash them off their bodies.

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