Beige kimono cut sweater

We knit a beautifulbeige cardigan with a kimono cut. The simplicity of the patterns in this noble sweater is apparent. In fact, the implementation of this model will have to work hard.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% natural wool; 160m / 50gr) - 450 (500) grams of beige;
  2. circular needles number 4.

Pattern Description



An even number of loops. Edge, alternately 1 front, 1 purl, edge.

Large Pearl Pattern

Facial rows: alternately 1 facial, 1 purl.  

Purl rows: knit loops by pattern.  

Loops to shift in each front row.

Facial surface:Front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops.

Patent edge (on both sides for 3 loops)

Front rows: at the beginning of a row, remove 1 loop as a purl (thread at work), 1 front, 1 loop to remove as a reverse, knit up to 3 loops from the end at the end of the row, then remove 1 loop as a reverse (thread at work), 1 front, 1 loop to remove, as purl.  

Purl rows: at the beginning of the row 1 is purl, 1 loop is removed as purl (thread before work), 1 is purl, at the end of the row knit up to 3 loops from the end, then 1 purl, 1 loop is removed as purl (thread before work), 1 purl.

Pattern from "Leaves"

The number of loops is first a multiple of 30 + 2 edge = knit acc. scheme 1. On it are given the front rows. In the purl rows, knit all loops and nakida with purl, from 2 nakidov in a row, knit the 1st nakid with the purl, 2nd nakid —purlcrossed. 

The diagram shows 1/2 pattern. For the entire width of the sleeve after the strap, start with edge, run rapport 2 times, finish with 1 edge; the middle of the sleeves is between 2 rapports.  

Right-sided increase schemes on both sides!  

Starting from the 57th row of the scheme, divide the pattern for the coquette, with the motifs of the «leaves»onbothsidesknitacc.diagram,diagonaltransitionfromthetopofthe«sheet»atthe2ndhalf,tothefrontsurfacesection,mirroritofftotheleaves»onbothsidesofpattern4endedsymmetrically.Run1times1– 112th rows.

Coquette with pearl pattern (first 2 loops)

Knit acc. scheme 2. On it are given the front rows.In the purl rows, knit all the loops according to the pattern, knit the nakida with the purl. &Nbsp;

The pattern according to. the pattern in each front row on both sides of the 2 middle loops expand with 1 nakida = 1 loops and include the gains in a large pearl pattern.  

Run 1 times 1 –20throw,thenthepatternwithincrementslogicallycontinueupwards. 


The first and last 2 loops of the pattern are indicated in the instructions as an openwork strip. Due to the gains in the middle, these loops are shifted outward in the scheme, but in the pullover, the nakida and knit loops are arranged one above the other.

Density of Knitting

21 p. x 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern of «leaves»andthefrontsurface; 

22 p. x 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a large pearl pattern.


Due to the increasing number of loops, knit on circular needles in rows in the forward and reverse direction.

Jumper knit across from 2 parts, starting with the sleeves, respectively. Arrow on the pattern = knitting direction.


Dimensions:36/38 (40/42)

Knitting description

Right sleeve with front and back

Dial 60 loops with a cross-shaped set on the spokes and tie a 6 cm rubber band for the sleeve bar,at the same time, in the last purl row add 1 p. = 62 on both sides. Continue working with a pattern of “leaves”, at the same time perform increments on both sides according to the scheme.

For a humeral bevel, after 18 cm = 56 rows from the plank, start on medium 2 s. Knit a yoke with a pearl pattern, on both sides continue to work with a pattern 2 according to schema.  

After 36 cm = 112 rows from the plank on both sides, continue working on 66 loops of the pattern of «leaves» respectively, the front satin stitch, while adding in each 2nd row another 4 (6) x 1 st. = on both sides 70 (72) s. of the front smoothing. 38.5 cm = 120 rows (40 cm = 124 rows) from the slat, the right sleeve is finished.

For the bottom edge of the front and back on both sides of the outer knit on the 3 p. patent edge, the following 67 (69) n. knit the front of the stitch, a yoke with a pearl pattern to continue to knit with the additions. After 46.5 cm = 144 rows (48.5 cm = 150 rows) from the plank, the number of loops will reach 90 (96) points for a coquette pattern or 230 (240) points in total.

Then, for the neckline, divide the work in the middle, leave the last 115 (120) n. and continue the work on the first 115 (120) n. without further increases the next. in a way: 3 p. with the patent edge, 67 (69) with the front satin stitch, openwork strip (= 2 loops knit with the front, 1 nakid) and 40 (43) with the p. continue to knit with a large pearl pattern, 3 with the patent edge.

After 25 cm = 78 rows (27 cm = 84 rows) from the work division, leave the loops.

Then type on the spokes 115 (120) loops of the back and continue to work without further increases the trace. in the following way: 3 p. with a patent edge, 40 (43) p. with a large pearl pattern and continue to knit an openwork band (= 1 nakid, 2 knit loops together with a tilt to the left), 67 (69) with a front edge, 3 p. with a patent edge . Leave loops on the front height.

Then again continue to work on all 230 (240) hinges in a single canvas according to the pattern, with 6 paragraphs of the patent edge at the neckline included in the yoke pattern, the middle 2 loops are constantly knitted with a facial surface.

At the same time, for the shoulder bevel in the 1st row, on both sides of the middle 2 loops, remove 1 loop in the following way: before the middle loops, knit 3 loops together with the front loops and make 1 nakid, knit the adjacent loops, then make 1 nape and knit 3 loops together purl = 228 (238) p. These downs must be repeated 11 more (12) times in each facial row.

After 8 cm = 24 rows (8.5 cm = 26 rows) from the end of the neck or through 79.5 cm = 246 rows (84 cm = 260 rows) from the plank, leave the remaining 206 (214) p.

Left sleeve

Knit, as the right sleeve, and after 38.5 cm = 120 rows (40 cm = 124 rows) from the strip leave a total of 206 (214) p.


Sew the left sleeve to the edge of the front / back, to do this, knit stitches of pattern 5 on both sides with knitted stitches, between them leave the loops of the large pearl pattern of both parts on 1 knitting needle, respectively, combine the parts with the front sides and tie 2 loops ( 1 pt from each spoke) together, closing the hinges.

Perform the lower seams of the sleeves and the side seams.