Beds of plastic bottles with their own hands - photos, video

Flower beds made of plastic bottles

Flower beds made of plastic bottles

Each house owner has a large number of plastic bottles, it's a shame to throw it away, but there's nowhere to apply. Many people think about environmental protection, because plastic containers practically does not decompose.


Do not be discouraged, because gardeners and truck farmers can successfully use plastic in their plots. With a minimum of effort and a maximum of fantasy, you can create luxurious and unusual flower beds for the garden.


Tare can be as a half-liter, or two-liter. From the inside, they can be painted in any color you like. The advantages of plastic fencing can be attributed to the fact that the buried bottles will not allow the roots of other plants to penetrate inside the flowerbeds, and the perennials will remain in their “house”.


Another advantage: the land, thanks to a kind of fence, does not dry for a long time. In addition, the spoiled elements of the fence can be easily replaced.There is only one disadvantage in a flowerbed formed with the help of plastic containers - fragility. Bottles are easily damaged by kicking or cutting plants.


However, the minus is inconsequential, a little care, and you will be happy for a neat and well-kept garden for a long time. Our video article will help you create a little miracle at your summer cottage.


Video: how to make flowerbeds from plastic bottles



Creating a flower bed: a master class with photos


To begin, prepare the material. Accumulate as many plastic bottles of the same capacity as possible and do not forget to remove the labels from them. Up to 25 containers are required for a small round bed. The next stage is soil moistening. Before work, well water the area where the fence will be located.
Having decided on the size and configuration of the future flower garden, we select the ground around the perimeter.


Let's reveal a little secret how to create a circle of an ideal form. Place a tank or manhole cap in the center and insert plastic bottles around it. The most crucial moment comes: with the neck down, we bottle the bottles into the ground, leaving 10 cm on the surface.External leveling in one level with a lawn.


We create small masterpieces to give your own hands


If the usual beds of plastic bottles seem boring to you, then we will try to create something original and creative. The easiest way to diversify the flower garden is to use containers of different volumes. For example, alternate between liter and two-liter bottles. A more complex task is to create a color "fence". Take the enamel paint of the desired color and pour into the container, after a while, pour it into another bottle. You have got charming and colorful billets.


Flower beds made of plastic bottles


A masterpiece can be created by spending a little more time and preparing a few car tires. We put the tires in a pile, their number depends on the desired height of the flower bed. We plaster the base with a cement-sand mortar in order to fix the bottles in it. Carefully insert the bottles in a staggered manner, the bottom layer is designed to support the top. You can decorate the necks with moss or decorative stones. Remember that planting can begin, only when the flowerbed is thoroughly dried.


To make the flowers in their new “home” comfortable, do not forget about the quality filling of the flower bed. The drainage layer at the bottom will not allow water to stagnate.Use for this small pebbles, expanded clay or brick fragments. Excess water will go to the ground. We put fertile land on the drainage. It is better to buy in the store to avoid its infection with fungi or parasites. The color of plants should be chosen in accordance with the finish of your flower bed.