Bead Body Necklace

Bead jewelery has always been valued by the fair sex for its beauty and elegance, they add to the image of uniqueness, because each jewel is unique, it is the only one of its kind. I suggest you create a beautiful necklace that looks rich and is very easy to do! We will need: - beads of any color; - thin fishing line;
- scissors; - needle for beads; - clasp; - callots-shells with a loop for crimping the ends of the fishing line; - lighter or matches (to light the ends of the fishing line before crimping ).
 materials and tools
At first we type a long thread of beads, what it will be longer, the thicker the necklace will be in the end. It is advisable to dial from 4 and a half meters to 6 and a half.
 bead thread
Further we connect both ends of the bead thread, fasten,cut and burn the ends.
 thread from beads
We fold the thread of beads so that we get 10 threads (if more than 5 meters of beads are gathered, you need to fold 12 or 14 threads, if you want to make the necklace more luxurious, if you need longer - leave 10 threads.
 we fold the thread from beads
We tie the end of the necklace on the line place of the fold, so that you can attach I fasten the clasp.
 fold the thread from the beads
Dress the callots, once again make a knot to fix the callot (you can also have two or three knots, for greater strength), then we set fire to the tips and hide them inside the callote. Clamp the halves so that the tips of the fishing line are inside the ball. We don’t pinch the ring on each callot.
 We dress the fastener
 We dress the fastener
We dress the fastener, we clamp the rings on the callottes. It is best to take a clasp that twists, sinceour necklace will also be a little twisted.  We twist the necklace clockwise
We twist the necklace clockwise, doing it in the unbuttoned form so as not to break the clasp. This manipulation will help to make the necklace elegant and it will seem that it is made with a complex technique.
 Twisting the necklace clockwise
This necklace can be worn in two ways - in the unencrypted form, dissolved, or twisted it.
 bead necklace
Beaded surround necklace
 Beaded surround necklace
 Bead surround necklace
Enjoyable crafts!