Batman watch with backlight

We manufactureBatman watches with plywood backlight. The backlight not only highlights the clock, but also the dial of the watch. You can cut the base of the watch yourself with a jigsaw or order, for example, from the same plywood or dark plexiglass, which is much better, it’s not convenient to cut out the numbers and divide the dial yourself.

Materials and tools:

  1. plywood and a clock and dial pattern;
  2. jigsaw, files and files (if you cut the clock yourself);
  3. sandpaper;
  4. matte paint;
  5. old watch or clock mechanism;
  6. glue;
  7. LED strip or LEDs and resistors;
  8. soldering iron;
  9. wires;
  10. wall mount.

Step 1

We print on paper a clock face pattern and transfer it to a sheet of plywood. Then, using a jigsaw, cut out the dial. To cut out the numbers and divisions, first drill the holes, and then use the file and files to make the division of the dial neat. We carefully work the dial with sandpaper.

At the end of the Step, we cover the dial with a black matte paint and wait until the paint dries.

Step 2

Take the LED strip and cut it into strips. Strips of LED tape glued along the edge of the dial, as well as near the divisions.

We connect the strips to each other with wires, soldering them with a soldering iron. Do not forget about "+" to "+", and "-" to "-" and 2 wires to connect to the power supply.