Attention! It is extremely dangerous: every summer resident should know this

As the owner of the suburban area, it is important to understand that not everyone is permitted on its territory. To the winged phrase: "Ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility" has not become a prelude to trouble, you need to be fully armed. It is better to know in advance what actions can be regarded as illegal and cause the imposition of a fine. Even peaceful coexistence with neighbors does not give one hundred percent guarantee that the verification will not come. To reduce the risk to "no", it is necessary to consider the following.

Behind the high behind the fence

Do not be surprised, but you can isolate yourself from prying eyes only with the permission of your neighbors. Even the front fence that goes to the passage, according to the rules, cannot exceed 2 meters in height. There are no requirements for its transparency. But the fence between the sites by definition should be lower by as much as 30 cm. Special requirements are also raised for the transparency of this fence - at least 50% over the entire height.There is a way out, however - a mutual agreement with neighbors, documented.

No one's land!

Is your site bordered by a wasteland and there is a temptation to slightly move the fence? Do not do this without permission. Such a transfer will be regarded only as seizure itself, because ownerless land does not exist in principle. In this case, a civilized way to expand the boundaries of the site exists. Land pruning is quite possible, its order is regulated by the Law 171-ФЗ “On Amendments to the Land Code of the Russian Federation and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

The rights of other owners must be respected.

Deciding to deploy a grand building or level the site to implement a new design project, be careful. You should not use aggressive fertilizers when planting a lawn; it will be easy to prove that it is because of them that the water in the well deteriorated. Remember, any geodetic and irrigation work should be coordinated with neighbors. And a number of chemicals are banned for summer residents altogether. Failure to comply with this rule, as a minimum, can lead to conflict with neighbors.

Taboo on open fire

It is forbidden to make a fire on the site.While not only to burn the garbage. By and large, the reason for the fine can even be a desire to cook field porridge or treat the gathered barbecue. The presence of an open fire on your site gives your neighbors the right to call the MOE. Art. 20.4 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation the fine in this case is provided for a very substantial from 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles. And this is exclusively for individuals.

The output is still there, especially if the site exceeds the modest size of 6 acres. Properly organized center should be located at a sufficient distance from the borders of the site and buildings.

Illegal logging

Remember, ordering firewood is always cheaper than paying fabulous fines or attorney services. In addition, modern boilers allow the use of wood at a minimum. Some of them will be needed by those who use the cottage according to the season. Going for wood in the forest or the nearest landing is strictly prohibited. Even for cutting dead wood need permission. For self-willed actions you can get not only a fine, but also a real term. The amount of the penalty depends on the amount of cutting and region of residence.

Utilization of non-degradable waste

Landing debris, glass, plastic or metal is forbidden on your site or in the nearest landing.It is unlikely to convince anyone that this is compost, but you can earn a fine with a bang. Even the argument that the land is currently yours will not prevent you from considering your actions as a fact of illegal dumping of garbage. Punishment for this is provided in art. 8.1 Administrative Code and is for individuals the amount of 1 to 2 thousand rubles.

Making noise at the wrong time is prohibited

At the cottage noise coloring special. To loud parties and customary for urban residents repairs are added sounds of working machines and mechanisms. It is possible to look at how other people work endlessly, but the soundtrack, and even at 5 o'clock in the morning is an obvious search. Before you accomplish the feat of labor, remember that the Law No. 52-ФЗ “On the Sanitary-Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population” clearly defines the time when noise is prohibited. On weekdays, this is the interval from 10 pm to 6 am the next day, and on weekends from 11 pm to 9 am, respectively. The penalty for such a violation is minimal, only from 100 to 500 rubles, but if you constantly annoy the neighbors, the amount can run a considerable amount. Plus - a protracted conflict is guaranteed.

The boundaries of the plot: the nuances without which it is indispensable

The fence installed on the border is not yet an indication that the entire fenced territory can be used at its own discretion. Buildings, trees and even shrubs should be at a distance from it. The higher the trees, the farther from the fence they should be planted. The distance from the fence is 4 m for tall trees, 2 m for medium ones and 1 m for bushes.

As for the buildings, their location relative to the fence is regulated by the following legislation:

  • SP 53.13330.2011 “Planning and development of the territories of gardening associations of citizens. Buildings and Structures "(for summer cottages located outside settlements);
  • SNiP 2.07.01-89 "Urban planning. Planning and development of urban and rural settlements "(for those who use the dachas areas located in villages and villages).

Cottage should be green or some more about building

No matter how much you want to roll the summer cottages into concrete or to completely asphalt a part of the territory, this should be done with care. Clause 6.11 of the aforementioned Code of Rules (JV 53.13330.2011 (SNiP 30-02-97)) stipulates thatthat in areas whose total area is from 6 to 12 acres, buildings, structures and hard surfaces should not occupy more than 30% of the territory.

Water needs to be saved!

It is prohibited by law to pump a volume of water exceeding 100 cubic meters per day without a license. However, this task is beyond the power of any household pump. Industrial while working in this mode simply floods several areas. Nevertheless, the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation has article 7.3 “Use of subsoil without a license to use subsoil”. The penalty provided for the site owner is quite impressive - from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.

Restriction on breeding of cattle and not only

The desire to have pigs, horses or cows in the summer cottage is not always feasible. In some regions, the maintenance of these animals in the cottages is prohibited. Another thing: a bird, rabbits, nutria, sheep, goats. At the same time, they should be located exclusively in designated places, and the erection of buildings will require coordination with their neighbors. Even the evidence will have to be installed in accordance with existing regulations.