Asterisks on the feet: celebrities that suffer from varicose veins

Their legs are far from perfect, but this does not prevent them from caring on the red carpet.

Even the most graceful legs can spoil the treacherous female enemy - varicose veins. In addition to the aesthetic nightmare, he threatens health. The walls of blood vessels, through which blood flows to the heart, expand, deform and function worse. Symptoms are visible to the naked eye - legs disfigure large, blue, swollen veins.

The causes of varicose veins are many, but the main one is genetics - it may first manifest itself when overweight or during pregnancy. And in the risk zone high girls. A common cause is overloading at sports trainings or, on the contrary, untrained thigh muscles.

Violations in the venous capillary network can be caused by poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, dry meal and fast food.

High studs and incorrectly chosen shoes not only deform the foot, but also contribute to the development of varicose veins. And tight-fitting jeans break the blood circulation, which is also not at all useful.

Can not protect yourself from varicose veins and star beauties.

Thanks to Kerry from “Sex and the City”, millions of girls fell in love with the shoes of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Chu. Many years later, Sarah Jessica Parker abandoned her heels in everyday life in favor of more comfortable shoes. At one time, the telediva wore heels both to the feast and to the world, not weakly complexing due to her small stature. The studs did their job - the actress was diagnosed with varicose veins and prescribed flat shoes.

During the years of modeling career, Kate Moss has earned varicose veins and deformed fingers - wearing too tight shoes and studs at shows and outlets has affected. Kate told me that she repeatedly strutted out on the runways in 37 size shoes, while in everyday life she wore shoes on the 39th.

Previously, beauty Jennifer Aniston passionately loved high studs. Now she is paying for her weakness with varicose veins. Once the actress admitted that she was completely tired of fighting with the scourge. The only thing that somehow hides the problem - a tan.

Victoria Beckham pays for her passion for stiletto with underwire and varicose bones.In an attempt to remove the ugly veins, the style icon sits on a strict diet, regularly does various cosmetic procedures and wears shoes only on a flat run.