Argentine tango - the key to solving your problems

Remember that problems that you encounter can interfere not only in tango, but also in work. A person who is often angry with his partner during the dance and blames him for the fact that the movements do not work out as they should, and in business he is accustomed to blaming others or being intolerant of other people's mistakes. A dancer who finds it difficult to embrace his partner and who every minute is afraid to do something wrong, and in business will be shy, shy, unsure of himself. Those who, after the first classes, faced difficulties, gave up the tango, and in business they did not complete anything.

Thanks to the practice of Argentine tango, you will be able to notice what prevents you from becoming more successful, richer, more attractive to others. However, training will give you the opportunity to not only see the problem, but also solve it. Of course, there will be no instant effect, but do not doubt that you will soon notice the beneficial effects of training.

First of all, try not to drag problems into Argentine tango classes, but on the contrary, learn to overcome difficulties and enjoy every minute of the dance. If you are painfully shy, gradually move to close contact and bolder embraces. If impatient, try to calm down and enjoy each lesson. If you are not able to forgive yourself and others for your mistakes, try to take each mistake not as a failure, but on the contrary, as a step towards mastery. The correct attitude will help you gradually solve the problem, moreover, this solution will eventually move into your daily and business life, improving it.

Of course, during class you will have a lot of questions. This is natural for a person who is learning something new. Do not be afraid to ask your questions to teachers: they will help you find the right answers and make quick progress.

Consider another important point. Argentine tango involves not following a certain canon, but searching for your own style. If your problem is that you are trying to copy others, and not to develop your individuality, you will certainly notice it.

Argentine tango will give you an amazing opportunity to understand yourself, to reveal character traits that you once thought you were not inherent to. If you are in a painful search for yourself, dancing lessons will help you get on the right path. You will understand what you like - passion, tenderness, romance, hardness or softness, speed, or slow, smooth movements. Opening up in dance, you will begin to understand not only your partner, but also yourself, and create your own unique style. This is the ideal way for those who want to see their virtues and gain strength and confidence.