Apartment with balcony - how to combine

Preparing the space for glazing

At the first stage it is necessary to prepare the loggia for the glazing. If the street part of the loggia is part of the construction of the house (brick or monolithic), then you can proceed to the installation of the glass unit immediately. More difficult task when the parapet is a metal frame, sheathed with sheet material. This base is not suitable for the installation of windows and requires the laying of a new wall. The side walls and the parapet in order to reduce the loads on concrete floors are made of lightweight materials, for example, ceramic bricks. The laying is necessary when the parapet and the overlap have vertical differences. Thanks to the new wall, freezing and any ingress of water inside the loggia will be excluded. New construction needs to be protected from the street from any precipitation by mounting siding, PVC panels or galvanized sheet metal. Another nuance that requires improvement is the partition separating your balcony and the neighbor.If it is a thin shield made of asbestos-cement sheet, it must be replaced with a new wall from the ceiling to the floor so that the cold does not penetrate from the neighbors.

Step Two: Installing Windows

The base is ready, so you can proceed to the window systems. They must provide heat and sound insulation. Glazing should be sealed, made with PVC profile. Installation of windows should be made with maximum precision and care to thermal insulation was reliable. All seams should be treated with foam, and with them the joints and gaps in the design of the loggia. From the street, there must be a treatment with a special front sealant. It will protect the foam from moisture and sunlight.

Go to the punch

Loggia glazed, it's time to work punch. Following the redevelopment project, it is necessary to dismantle structures - remove doors, window blocks, batteries.

After this, there will be only a threshold, which, depending on the type of building, is allowed or forbidden to be dismantled. In the second case, it can be removed to the armature, but no more, and you can raise the floor of the loggia, turning it into a podium.

The case for thermal insulation

Double-glazed windows save from dust, noise and precipitation, but not too protect against heat loss. Therefore, high-quality thermal insulation is required, for which extruded polystyrene foam is used - the most common material. He is not afraid of water and is weakly combustible. The thickness of the material is only 3-5 cm, but they are sufficient for high-level thermal insulation. In order to save, you can replace the EPSI with foam, but in this case you have to sacrifice quality, and the thickness of the material is twice as high, which means you will have to sacrifice precious centimeters reclaimed from the loggia.

Heated floor - a comfortable home. And other sources of heat

An additional source of heating in the case of a loggia is a must. The perfect solution is an electric floor or installation of heating mats. More simple options - heaters or electric fireplace. And in the summer was not hot, you can limit air conditioning, killing 2 birds with one stone at a time.

Light - all head

Lighting loggia can be from the cable coming from the apartment, and from its own electrical group. The second option is convenient because it reduces the load on the electrical network in the apartment, and you can also turn off all the electricity on the loggia.

Finishing - the final stage

When all the work is done, you can safely proceed to the finishing and decorating. It must be remembered that a new room (it’s a loggia) must be combined with the room to which it was attached. Both the colors and the textures of the finishing materials must match. To make the loggia perfectly smooth will help drywall, and everything else is a matter of fantasy. You can limit your wallpaper, and you can use other materials for wall decoration.

Combining a room with a loggia is difficult, but possible. There would be means and permission, and everything else is a matter of time.