Antiparasitic cleansing: health benefits or harm?

Parasites: how real is the danger?

Parasitology is a whole section of medicine closely associated with infectious diseases. But unlike classic infections caused by microbes, viruses, or fungi, parasitic invasions (that is how they are properly called) are caused by multicellular, parasitic organisms. The most famous parasites of this group are lice, itch mites and a variety of worms (helminths), of which there are several thousand species worldwide. Some of the parasites live only in the human body, some affect both animals and people, and some are typical only for animals, insects and other creatures, but not dangerous for people.

How common is the problem? It is difficult to bring accurate statistics, as not all people go to a doctor for such diseases, plus some of the parasites can transiently (temporarily) and asymptomatically live in the human body, that is, people can self-heal them without any drugs.

Antiparasitic cleansing: health benefits or harm?

What can be said for sure, children are more often ill due to the fact that their hygienic skills are less developed. And most of the intestinal parasites, namely, they are scared on the Internet, calling for immediate cleaning, it enters the body with dirty hands (plus more from boiled water and contaminated products).

How dangerous are parasites?

If you do not go into the medical details, parasites can be divided into two groups - they are intestinal, as the name implies, living in any part of the intestine, and extraintestinal (living in other organs and tissues). There are also migrant parasites, they live part of life in the lumen of the intestine, and travel a part of life through the body. So, if we are talking about various "cleansing", it is usually colorfully told just about intestinal parasites, with which you can fight quickly and relatively simply at the expense of medicines and nutritional changes. By the way, judging by the degree of danger to the organism, the presence of "tenants" in the guts, though unpleasant, but if we compare them with the second group (extraintestinal), is not so dangerous and critical for life. Yes, they can eat up the owner, depriving him of vitamins and minerals, part of the food, yes,they can suck blood from the intestinal wall, but they will not drink all of them, and withdraw them easier, since the medications taken through the mouth get them well, dissolving and acting in the intestine.

Another thing - extraintestinal worms: they can affect the muscles, the eyeball, blood and lymphatic capillaries, form cysts in the liver, kidneys, brain, reaching a diameter of 10-12 cm or more. And all the cleansings offered on the Internet are useless against them, and such worms themselves are deadly to life!

Now about the purges ...

Communicating with colleagues from resuscitation and surgical hospitals, I regularly hear from them stories about lovers of cleansing, undergoing treatment with various complications. This can be acute cholecystitis with attacks of hepatic colic and the need to remove the gallbladder, acute gastritis, enteritis and colitis (inflammation of the stomach, small and large intestine) associated with the effects of various drugs used to "cleanse". In the end, if parasites are found, doctors are already taking them out, in parallel with the treatment of all "clean" consequences and complications. For the majority of such experimenters, there were completely different diseases that were in no way connected with worms.

Antiparasitic cleansing: health benefits or harm?


If you suspect unwanted guests in the intestines or other parts of the body, do not be lazy to go to the doctor and pass a banal analysis of feces and blood for parasites. These two simple and inexpensive studies with a 100% guarantee will confirm or disprove the presence of worms. Another accurate and irrefutable proof of their presence will be the detection of parasites in the faeces. All other symptoms do not have strict specificity, that is, they are typical for parasites and for many other "sores of the body".

Methods of purification: tin, and only!

All the proposed methods for getting rid of parasites are dangerous, especially if they are children, pregnant women, elderly people or "chronicles" having a bouquet of various diseases. You can not use them! All the manipulations that are carried out during the cleaning, the doctors do not approve, do not support and do not recommend.

Many herbs and infusions taken orally with spoons, glasses, glasses that are capable of killing worms, also have a toxic effect on the human body, sometimes leading to poisoning of the host, and not worms. The parasites over the millennia of evolution have acquired many protective properties, they just will not leave their occupied places.

The use of enemas with various additives (garlic juice, vegetable oil, decoction of herbs) will not help remove worms, most of them live in the small intestine or the initial section of the colon, which the enemas will not reach. But inflammation of the rectum, exacerbation of hemorrhoids and chemical burns of the mucous membranes such methods can cause very easily.

Antiparasitic cleansing: health benefits or harm?

Fasting for removing worms with drinking water will not help! The patient himself will most likely die from such a technique, while the worms will remain alive and unharmed. They perfectly “float” in the intestinal liquid contents and will find their nourishment from the intestinal secretion, which is secreted by the intestinal wall even during fasting.

Juices of various vegetables, lemon, vegetable oil on an empty stomach can lead to gastritis or inflammation of the small intestine, prolonged diarrhea and abdominal pain, but will not affect the parasites. Therefore, it is not worth practicing this - it is dangerous for health and life, especially if there is a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer or cholecystitis (with or without stones in the gallstones).

And naturally, these cleansings are useless for parasites that live outside the intestines. Before them, these "healing drugs" do not even reach theoretically at all and can cause significant harm to the host organism.