Another sister of Kim Kardashian, Chloe, is pregnant

In the Kardashian family, baby boom, the real one! Bend your fingers: Kim Kardashian is expecting a child from a surrogate mother - once; Kylie Jenner - according to rumors that appeared on the weekend - is in her fourth month of pregnancy - two; and finally, the joy of motherhood is preparing for the first time to experience Chloe Kardashian - three! Do not be surprised if at this rate soon there will be news that moms are preparing to become Courtney with Kendall!

Little is known about the pregnancy of 33-year-old Chloe. According to the tabloids, she is waiting for her first child from basketball player Tristan Thompson, whom she has been dating since September last year. In the early interviews, she already admitted that she was ready to become a mother, and she was joking (or not?) That Tristan dreams of five children.

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Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian today commented on the pregnancy of her sister, Kylie Jenner. In her Twitter account, she called the news a “fake story”! So pregnant or not? Looks like this baby reality show is just beginning!