Ankle boots for women

The choice of the fair sex designers shoe brands offer a variety of models of ankle boots.These are the so-called classic variants, and rather original models, similar to practical men's demi-season boots, rather than elegant and sophisticated ladies shoes. However, the highest demand still enjoys "classic" - ankle boots with heels.

The height of the heel is perhaps the main factor in the choice in favor of a particular model. Heel can be both high and medium, stable. The most convenient are considered to be shoe boots on a massive, solid heel, made in a rectangular or square shape. No less convenient and models on the wedge or on the platform. Such shoes are traditionally chosen by girls who lead an active, mobile lifestyle.

Among the current models of the new season are women's boots with an open nose.The heel part in the construction of such models, as a rule, is closed, slightly narrowed and characterized by smooth, soft contours. Ankle boots with a sharp nose section look very impressive.But stylists recommend to refuse models with a rounded nose, especially if a girl of medium or small statuses wants to buy for herself.

A better solution would be shoes on the platform. This element in the design of fashionable ankle boots can be either merged or separate. The hit of the season - shoes, complemented by a grooved sole. Despite the somewhat brutal appearance, such ankle boots fit seamlessly even into an elegant, emphatically restrained ensemble.

Some fashionable shoe boots of this season resemble leather red women's boots by their design Golenishche, which is complemented by such shoes, fits the leg fairly tightly. However, in the collections of some brands you can find models with a free top. Some girls want to disguise too massive ankles with the help of shoes, and for them high boots are the ideal solution.

The same representatives of the fair sex, who, on the contrary, want to place a lucrative emphasis on the fragility and elegance of the ankles, can safely choose the low, opening this section of the model.Another option - ankle boots, the design of which provides spectacular cuts, located on the sides of the tops.

Designers of shoe brands continue to experiment with the construction of ankle boots.This season, they presented to the attention of fashionistas shoes, in which the functions of regular lacing are performed by spectacular ribbons made of genuine leather, textiles or even satin. Such a fastener looks very original and makes the boots look like corsets. Shoes on such a specific "lacing" is quite practical and versatile. Girls with both high and low legs can safely choose for themselves.

No less practical and comfortable are botnillons with a zipper. In the design of topical models of this season, a similar fastener is located behind or in front. Lightning in this case performs both decorative and practical function. Often, instead of a zipper, elastic elastic bands are used, made in the same color range as the boots.