Almost zero: 10 Hollywood divas with a small bust

A new film with actress Kira Knightley “The Game of Imitation” is released on the screens of Samara cinemas. Knightley is one of those divas who do not complex at all because of the zero size.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley photo
Kira is proud of her small breasts
Photo: Getty Images

Because of his thin physique, the star has repeatedly been accused of anorexia. Knightley herself tirelessly denies these accusations and claims that she owes her figure to her mother.

In addition, the actress with humor refers to his chest and is not going to do any operations. Moreover, when for the poster of one of the films with her participation the breast of a Hollywood star was increased by three sizes - Knightley was outraged and filed a lawsuit.

The court, by the way, she won and received in compensation three million dollars. Knightley admits that she is pleased with her small breasts and therefore she willingly takes off topless.