All the beneficial properties of coconut oil

Maintaining your own youth and beauty is almost the main task of the fair sex, because if you like yourself and your half, then all life problems are solved somehow faster and easier. In order to look perfect, women are willing to spend a lot of money by purchasing the advertised skin and hair care products.

The saddest thing is that most of them help, at best, half, and some of them are completely ineffective. Why overpay for unsuccessful bottles when mother nature took care of female beauty, giving some plant products with all the necessary nutritional and beneficial trace elements?

We are now talking about coconut oil, a product quite exotic, but very useful and effective for female beauty and health.

The main naturalness of the product

Coconut oil has a fairly wide range of applications, in fact, it is useful for the whole body, including the delicate skin of the face and health of the hair.

We can say that in one magic bubble with a translucent liquid a solution fits all the main female problems with appearance, which is very convenient and pleasant.

Queen Cleopatra knew about the beneficial properties of coconut oil as early as in Ancient Egypt, she used it with pleasure, she was very strict and meticulous about her appearance, so she gladly resorted to the help of all the gifts of nature known at that time.

And now this entertaining product is widely used by Indian girls, they consider it the main component of preserving youthful skin.

Useful and effective

At the moment, this product is widely used in cosmetology, cooking and traditional medicine, it is especially popular in countries where coconut trees grow: Thailand, India, Bali, Malaysia and other tropical countries.

Of course, the best way is to purchase a miraculous vial directly at the place of production, but there are options to order it online or try searching in specialized stores.

Properties of coconut oil

A huge number of useful properties of this product cause it to actively increase in popularity, many experts argue that coconut oil should be a mandatory element of your home medicine cabinet and cosmetic bags.

By the way, it gained the most stormy popularity after the well-known model Miranda Kerr admitted that she had been adding coconut oil to tea for 14 years, which contributes to her flowering and healthy appearance. Where did so much noise around ordinary oil, you ask? let's understand.

For beauty and hair growth

Due to the fact that it includes a huge amount of valuable oils (lauric, oleic, caprylic and many others), coconut oil is literally an indispensable tool for hair care.

Especially useful coconut oil for those who suffer from increased dryness of the scalp, dandruff, hair loss and split ends.

It can be used both before and after washing the head, the oil easily and carefully envelops each hair, spreads evenly along the entire length, and then protects it from harmful external influences. If it is used before washing, it will keep protein inside the hair structure, which is easily washed out.

In addition, coconut oil will be the best way to prevent hair loss, because it perfectly nourishes, strengthens and enriches the structure of the hair, ranging from the roots to the tips.

Indispensable for hair care.

To do this, it is enough to make masks at home, and coconut oil easily acts as an independent substance. To do this, it is enough to rub a small amount of oil into the scalp, roll the hair with a towel and walk for an hour, then rinse with warm water.

The same recipe is very effective for severe dandruff - the oil can be added to any shampoo, then it will act much faster. And if coconut oil is applied to split ends at night, then the effect will surely please you. The result of the systematic use of such a tool is a beautiful, radiant, smooth and strong hair.

For beauty and youthful skin

This remedy is special; coconut oil differs from the others in that it is well and quickly absorbed into the skin, almost instantly turning it into light, tender and velvety.Using such a tool, you cover your skin with a protective film that nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin throughout the day.

Skin will be smooth and tender.

Due to its properties, it is an excellent natural remedy for smoothing mimic wrinkles, while the skin is breathing, and the pores are not clogged.

Among other things, oil is also an excellent, delicate means for removing make-up, it is often used to massage the face and neck.

Please note that many experts do not recommend using it in its pure form, it is better to mix it with other cosmetic products, by the way, it is very good for this.

If you decide to pamper your skin with masks of coconut oil, then add it to the total weight of no more than 10%, if you are going to use it for the body, then its share can be increased to 30% of the total weight of the cosmetic.

In addition to the nourishing and moisturizing effect, this product copes well with other skin problems: it is often used to combat stretch marks, to treat skin diaper rash, and also as a means to remove or reduce pigment spots.Due to the presence of a huge number of useful components, it easily cleans the skin from dead cells, which makes it smooth and elastic.

What happens and how to choose coconut oil?

Usually it is divided into two main types, which differ in the method of obtaining funds. The most common option is hot pressing fresh coconut pulp, which is pre-dried.

Find a quality tool

This method, of course, allows you to use it for cosmetic purposes, for example, for soap making or in other folk recipes. Another way - cold pressing, differs from the previous one in that the product turns out to be very valuable, retaining almost all of its useful properties.

The only drawback of such a "cold" method: allows you to get no more than 20% of the product, so it is several times more expensive in the free market.

If you compare the many positive reviews of girls who have already tried the properties of coconut oil, then you will most likely be wondering how much such a miracle tool costs?

If you turn to online shopping, you can see that the price per unit of production can vary greatly - from 10 to 200 UAH.! What is the reason for this difference? First, always check that it contains only 100% coconut oil,no impurities!

Pay attention to the packaging - do not overpay for souvenir oils, it is better to buy ordinary bottles with labels, which indicate full information about the product.

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