Advantages and disadvantages of hair removal using photoepilation

If you are tired of unwanted body hair, you shouldn’t put up with it. Choose the appropriate method of hair removal and solve the problem forever. For example, photoepilation is very effective and popular. But it has its own characteristics, which should be clarified before the procedure.

What is the principle of impact?

Photoepilation is hair removal, which is provided by the impact of high-pulse light on the hair follicles. In general, this method can be called thermolysis, or rather photothermolysis, since the destruction is ensured by the thermal reaction.

So, first the light hits the hair. The pigment melanin, which is contained in it (it provides dark color) accumulates in itself light waves. Due to this, heat is released, which affects the hair follicle and heats it up strongly (to about 70-80 degrees Celsius).

As a result, the blood in the small capillaries that supply blood to the bulbs collapses, and the follicles lose their nourishment, due to which their decay occurs.

What equipment is used?

For the procedure uses a special device that produces a fairly powerful pulsed light. There are many models of such devices, they all differ in the number of programs, power, filtering technology (filters provide purification of the light beam directed to the skin from harmful waves, such as ultraviolet), flash speed (it affects the duration of the procedure), as well as service life lamps.

Most beauty salons today use such devices as “Classic 512”, “Quantum IPL”, “Quantum HR / SR”, “Record 618”, “Ellipse Light”, “Lumenis One”, “Skin Station Mistral” and some others.


How long does photoepilation last? This procedure allows you to remove all unwanted body hair completely and irrevocably, that is, for life. But in order to achieve this effect, you need to follow all the rules, as well as choose an experienced specialist using new high-quality professional equipment.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Special training is not required, but still there are several important points. Firstly, you should not sunbathe and go to the solarium for two or three weeks before the session. Secondly, in about two or three days, you need to remove all hair with a razor, since their length at the time of the procedure should be 1 millimeter.

How is the procedure?

The patient lies down on the couch and puts on protective glasses. Cosmetic log causes a special gel on the treatment area, and then proceeds to the session. Periodic flashes of light occur, during which sensations of warmth, light tingling are possible. If there is a strong burning sensation, the specialist will change the program and reduce the radiation intensity.

After the procedure, cooling and moisturizing agents are applied to the skin. The formation of red spots, slight swelling, slight burning.


In the first days after the procedure is not recommended to use cosmetics. About a week should not go to saunas, swimming pools, baths, ponds. Within two weeks it is not recommended to go to the solarium and sunbathe.

Who is contraindicated for photoepilation?

This method of hair removal has some contraindications:

  • periods of lactation and pregnancy;
  • parasitic invasions;
  • exacerbation of herpes infection;
  • varicose veins (with manifestations in the treatment area);
  • propensity to form keloids;
  • increased susceptibility to allergies or an available allergy to sunlight;
  • Malignant tumors and neoplasms on skin of an unexplained nature;
  • acute infections;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • some diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, ischemic disease);
  • age up to 16 years;
  • Wounds and abscesses in the treatment area;
  • diabetes;
  • severe diseases of the nervous system.

Possible consequences

Complications after photoepilation are extremely rare and, in general, are associated with the individual characteristics of the body.

In rare cases, the following effects may occur:

  • Burns They can appear when processing thin, sensitive, excessive dry or strongly tanned skin.
  • Allergic reactions (on the anesthetics used during the procedure or on the sun's rays).
  • Exacerbation of herpes in the treatment zone.To prevent this, you can start taking antiviral medication (“Acyclovir”) a few days before the session.
  • If the patient does not use safety glasses during the procedure, visual acuity and eye tissue damage may occur.
  • Scar formation (with a tendency to them).
  • Changes in skin pigmentation, namely the appearance of dark or, conversely, light spots.
  • Graying hair. This complication is very rare.
  • When irradiating moles, their transformation into malignant neoplasms is possible.
  • Education ulcers, follicles in people with hyperhidrosis (increased sweating), as well as when visiting the pool or bath in the first days after the session.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin, let's list the advantages of photoepilation:

  • High efficiency. Photoepilation will remove hair permanently.
  • Due to the lack of contact of the device with the skin, its damage is completely excluded and, therefore, it becomes impossible to infect tissues, as when using some other methods of epilation.
  • In most cases, the consequences are absent. They are possible only with individual contraindications.
  • Almost complete painlessness.All that you may feel during the procedure is a slight tingling or a barely noticeable burning sensation. There will be no severe pain, so anesthesia is not required. But with high sensitivity, the beautician can offer you a local anesthetic.
  • If you purchase a special device, then you can carry out procedures at home. It's easy, no special skills are required. But you still need to follow all the important rules to avoid complications.
  • The minimum duration of the procedure. Usually one session takes from 5 minutes to half an hour, no more.
  • Improve skin condition. So, light waves trigger the synthesis of collagen, which provides youth, freshness and elasticity.
  • Photoepilation allows you to remove hair on any even the most sensitive parts of the body, including in the armpits, in the upper lip area, as well as in the zone of deep bikini.

The main disadvantages:

  • This method does not allow you to remove light hairs and red, because they do not have melanin, namely, it accumulates light waves, and also provides heating of the follicle and its subsequent decay.
  • Quite an impressive list of contraindications.
  • The presence of some restrictions, the observance of which is required both after the procedure and before it.
  • For complete hair removal, several sessions are required: from 3-4 to 7-8 (everything will depend on the amount of hair).
  • Pretty high cost of the procedure. But home photoepilation is much cheaper than salon, especially if you need to handle large areas and remove a large amount of hair. By purchasing the device once, you can use it for a long time at your discretion.
  • With insufficient professionalism of the master or incorrectly selected and set parameters of the equipment used, it is possible that the hair follicles are not completely destroyed, but only partially damaged. And in this case, the hair will begin to grow again, the effect will be minimal.
  • If a poor quality or defective device is used, due to the insufficient density of the light beam, instead of hair removal, the opposite effect can be observed, that is, stimulation of their growth.

Issue price

How much does photoepilation cost? The cost of one session is about 1000 rubles when processing a small area and about 10-15 thousand when processing a large area (for example, legs).

We can only wish to get rid of all unwanted hair.

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