Adenium: care for an exotic flower

Adenium: care for an exotic flowerAdenium is an exotic plant, the birthplace of which is Africa. It is also common in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Among these plants there are many species, some of which can reach several meters in height. As for home-grown varieties, the windowsills of amateur gardeners - adenium fat, most often decorate.

Adenium, the care for which at home requires some knowledge, has several names: Desert Rose, Star of Sabinia and Impala Lily. Different varieties differ in a variety of colors of flowers and even leaves. You can find adeniums with red-yellow leaves and lilac trunk, striking in their singularity and originality.


Planting adenium

Sowing is best done in the summer or early spring, as the plants need warmth and sunshine. Do not forget that the Adeniums are accustomed to a very arid southern climate.

First, the seeds should be soaked in water with an admixture of growth stimulant for about 4-5 hours. After soaking, they must be treated with a fungicide to minimize the possibility of rotting.
For planting seeds, prepare a moisture-permeable and drained soil. It is recommended to add perlite, sand or coconut chips for additional moisture absorption.Adenium: care for an exotic flower

Moisten the soil a little and spread the seeds of an exotic Adenium plant from above. Care further consists in covering them with a film; it should not be covered with earth. The sowing process is over.

Desert rose or adenium: care

Regarding how to care for adenium, then there is nothing difficult. These plants love light. Place the pots on the south side and move them from time to time, turning towards the light. It is important that the flower receives a portion of light and heat from all sides.Adenium: care for an exotic flower

The optimum temperature for adeniums is from 25 to 35 ° C during the main growth stage, that is, from spring to autumn months. As for humidity, these flowers are accustomed to its deficiency. Watering plants should be carefully, so that the roots do not start to rot from an overabundance of water.It is enough once a week, in the summer it is possible more often, but to do it by spraying from a sprayer. Water should be separated and slightly acidified.Adenium: care for an exotic flower

Flowering large flowers lasts more than seven days, small - a little less. To better plant the branch, pruning in the spring.

Transplant depending on the rate of growth of adenium. With proper care, home-grown varieties grow quite rapidly, and they should be replanted about once a year. Adeniums grown from seeds are transplanted about three times a year. If you want them to become larger and grow more, then plant in large pots.Adenium: care for an exotic flower

Adenium, the care for which involves the elimination of insects, may suffer from such a pest as a spider mite. Special insecticides from the store will help to eliminate it (Talstar, Neoron, etc.). To prevent fungus, mix charcoal into the soil.