about the project

Life is a continuous series of questions to which we look for the right answers every day. Questions are simple and complex, important and domestic, humorous and fateful. Our project was created with one simple, but important goal: to help you find the right answers to many important and not so important questions.

Our mission

The mission of the project “Elhau” is to save the visitors of our site time to search for the right answers so that they have more time left for nice things.

How did we get the idea to create this project?

Once we thought about how much time people spend searching for answers to all sorts of questions. In search of answers, they call their loved ones, enter keywords in the search bar, open one site after another and browse through many articles. Searches for some answers are crowned with success quite easily and quickly, while others take an unreasonable amount of time and effort. And that's what we came up with! We have created for you a site on which we collected the most complete and accurate answers to the most popular questions of Russian Internet users. Health and cooking, beauty and psychology, parenting and friendship, fashion and travel. We have not forgotten any area of ​​life in which you may have questions.If necessary, along with the article, we also post videos in the articles so that the answer to the question is as specific and clear as possible. Now you can find comprehensive answers to all questions using only the Ellhau resource.

How to use the site

We have removed all unnecessary, so that it would be convenient for you at any moment to find the right answer. If you want to learn something new, useful and interesting, then for you in the upper part of the site we have divided all the articles into categories: “Food”, “Family”, “Children”, “Health”, “Internet”, “Beauty” and "Psychology". All fresh materials appear on the right in the heading "Last 10 articles", and on the left is the TOP of the most popular articles.

Looking for an answer to a specific question? A more detailed rubricator has been compiled for you on the left side of the site, and at the very bottom of the page there is a simple keyword search form. If you have not found the answer to your question, then you just need to click on the “Ask a Question” button and fill out a simple form. Our reputable experts will quickly prepare the most comprehensive answer to your question.

Checked, only correct answers

Most people today prefer to search for answers on the Internet.But how to navigate a huge variety of sites? How to distinguish a dummy site from a quality resource? Where to get a guarantee that the answer you found is correct? On our site you will find only the right answers to all sorts of questions. After all, real professionals in their field work on each article for our project, so our answers are always the most authoritative. We carefully check all the facts in the preparation of each article, so that our visitors can trust us 100%.

Why is it so important to find only the right answers?

Wrong answers are wrong decisions. And the wrong decisions - this is wasted time, spoiled things, frustration, financial loss or the collapse of important personal relationships for you. We sincerely believe that your tomorrow depends on how you answered the questions today. We work to ensure that you always find only the right answers.