“Simple request” and 4 more films of the week

Young mother Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) at her son's school meets another mother, Emily (Blake Lively). Ta is an icon of style with a riddle in the past, an ideal woman, to whom, it seems, no one can reach. Suddenly, Emily disappears, and Stephanie, almost falling in love with her, begins to look for her, revealing more and more secrets of her past. The topic of disappearance has already been revealed in “The Girl from the Train” and “Disappeared”. I wonder what the heroine Blake Lively is really hiding?

Agent Johnny English 3.0

New adventures of the gallant simpleton serving in British intelligence.

Producer:David kerr
Cast:Emma Thompson, Olga Kurylenko, Rowan Atkinson, Jake Lacy, Ben Miller, Miranda Hennessy

Self-assured dupe, the only agent of British intelligence, who only due to chance receives (and performs!) The most difficult tasks, a sample of incompetence, imperturbability and charm, Johnny English is back in the ranks. The hero of Rowan Atkinson almost does not change, still raises an eyebrow and gracefully leaves the most ridiculous situations. And in a minute it turns back into them.The third film of the famous franchise, parodying the adventures of James Bond, shot David Kerr. We are already running for the tickets!

"Curse of the Nun"

Young nun against the dark forces.

Producer:Corin hardy
Cast:Demian Bishir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloke, Bonnie Aarons, Ingrid Bisu

In the middle of the last century in the Romanian monastery a nun imposed herself on herself, who saw something terrible. To understand the situation, the tender and young sister Airen and Father Burke go to a distant monastery, each with her uneasy past. The novice was once tormented by visions, and his father Burke didn’t save the exorcised boy during the exorcism ritual of demons. In the nunnery, the struggle against the dark forces will unfold, and, of course, the one for whom sincere faith wins.


Domestic comedy with a fantastic bias.

Producer:Oleg Ageichev
Cast:Andrei Chadov, Svetlana Ustinova, Igor Zhizhikin, Alexander Shalyapin, Yana Guryanova, Elena Yakovleva

A tiny bundle appears on the threshold of the architect Kostya's apartment (Alexey Chadov), and in it is a screaming baby, a girl. While Kostya fusses and calls for various services, the girl Dominika is growing up.In the next times, when Konstantin loses his temper, the girl grows faster and faster. The hero finally realizes that you need to be more careful with emotions and your life, or Dominica will soon turn into a grandmother.

"Fights without rules"

Thriller about survival in a brutal and claustrophobic Thai prison.

Producer:Jean-Stefan Sover
Cast:Joe Cole, Pornchane Mabklang, Withaya Pansringarm, Panya Yimmumrhay, Billy Moore

British boxer and drug addict Billy Moore was arrested in Thailand for possession of weapons. He spent two years in a crowded Thai prison, and not only survived, but became stronger in spirit, participating in battles without muay-thai rules. The real story of Billy Moore was embodied in the film by Jean-Stephen Sauver ("Johnny - Mad Dog"), who decided to make a film in the most realistic version. Instead of Jason Statham on the role of Moore, he took Joe Cole from Sharp Visors. For about a year, the director with the team dedicated to the selection of real Thai criminals who play most of the other roles. The shooting took place in a real Thai prison. The story of Billy Moore is not about overcoming circumstances, but about fighting with himself.Having looked through the biography of the present Billy Moore, I would like to say that this struggle still lasts.