A roommate behaves impudently. How to put it in place and not spoil the relationship?

Take without asking my stuff. I drank my dinner yesterday, somehow the blouses were not enough - it turned out she took it and forgot to give it and pretends to be a cold - yes, but what about that? we are neighbors, mimi. even deodorant ball once took! I am embarrassed to put it in its place, but I cannot live like this anymore. What kind of nonsense ?!
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Answered on November 19, 2014 09:51
The first thing that comes to mind is to sit down and calmly discuss everything. If you want to stay in good relations, you should definitely say that you do not want to offend her, but it would be more comfortable for you to live together when there are clear boundaries. A neighbor is not a family member or even an optional friend, you are not obliged to share everything. Especially since you have a separate budget. If you know that such a conversation will definitely touch her or, on the contrary, will have no effect, then you can resort to tricks.Pay her the same coin: use some of her things so that she feels in your place.