A festive script by March 8 - for the preparatory and initial group in the kindergarten - for moms and children - Examples and ideas of the script for a concert with competitions by March 8 for school

The amazing concert for the holiday on March 8 at school and kindergarten allows both present moms, teachers and tutors to spend time interesting and cheerful. The program may include song or dance performances, cool contests. For high school students in school, you can create an individual script on March 8 with stunning numbers. But the kids from the preparatory and junior groups of the kindergarten will be able to prepare with great enthusiasm the reading of poetry and the performance of songs.Using the above examples and ideas for creating a non-standard scenario of the matinee in honor of March 8, you can diversify the program with the usual performances and new original productions.

Festive script for March 8

Cool script for moms and children for March 8 for kindergarten

Kroham in kindergarten for any holiday, held for parents, I want to perform brilliantly. Therefore, it is better for children to select simple and accessible tasks that they can easily complete. This may be small ball performances of boys and girls or just a fiery dance with toys. Certainly, you need to compose a script for the kindergarten by March 8, which includes singing songs and rhymes. It can be poems about spring or about moms, grandmothers. Perfect for this short works that are easy to remember.

Festive script for March 8

What rooms should include a cool script for March 8 in kindergarten?

So that the kids have time to recuperate, it is necessary to hold small contests and games. In them crumbs will be able to receive pleasant gifts or simply show their wit, strength and other talents. For example, you can ask them to lay out beautiful flowers on the floor of the balls, or draw bright bouquets on a blackboard, drawing paper.At the same time they will have to perform the last task with a blindfold. Such funny games will help children to forget about the constraint and hold an event no less fun than the guests present.

Ideas productions for mothers for the script for the holiday of March 8 in kindergarten

The most beautiful productions for a kindergarten include playing out scenes from popular fairy tales. Excellent theme Cinderella, a red cap and other fairy tales, to which kids are accustomed from childhood. And if you wish, children together with educators can make up their bright fairy tale in advance. So they can truly surprise their relatives and boast of their talents.

The original script of the matinee in honor of March 8 - for the preparatory group of the kindergarten

Festive scenario by March 8

The youngest children in kindergarten should create such a festive scenario in which they can have a good time and make moms happy. The ideal solution would be to set a specific theme for the event. For example, the meeting of spring, the onset of heat. This theme should be used as a basis for the selection of scenes, the choice of rhymes and songs. If you stick to a given direction, it will not be difficult to make the original script of the matinee on March 8 for kids.

Examples of original productions for the matinee script by 8 March in the kindergarten

To the brightest and easiest for the children of the preparatory group is the playing of images of animals, insects. But you can replace the usual characters and other non-standard images. For example, girls put on light airy dresses, which will mark the sun, flowers or grass. Such images are perfect for holiday productions. The teacher of the group itself can play the girl-spring. Such a children's script of the holiday of March 8 attracts with its simplicity of execution.

Ideas for preparing the script in honor of March 8 for the preparatory group

It is necessary to decorate the assembly hall or the group's room with lightweight fabrics carved from paper with beautiful figures. When preparing for the celebration, children will be able to pay enough attention not only to the numbers, but also to the original fakes. Ideal for their manufacture and use thin napkins: from them you can easily collect small bouquets of flowers. And when selecting the characters themselves, which children will play, it is recommended that they invite them to tell about spring and the most important elements of it.So the kids will be able to find their ideal image much easier and play it happily during the matinee.

Festive scenario for the younger group by March 8 - with video examples and ideas for productions

Festive script for March 8

For the younger group to choose funny performances and performances is much easier than for the kids from the preparatory group. The children are more used to the festive productions and feel more confident before the guests. Therefore, in the festive scenario on March 8, it is necessary to include paired dances, the performance of songs by a choir or a small group of children. It is also important to give time and entertaining numbers: playing ridiculous scenes, competitions.

The ideas of the productions for the festive script by March 8 for the younger group

It is recommended to begin a festive event with the execution of a beautiful and touching song for the mother. This will help all speakers mentally prepare for long speeches. Then you can spend the holiday according to this scheme:

  1. Rooms with poetry reading.
  2. Dance or music room.
  3. Speech kids with a long rhyme about mom, spring.
  4. Conducting competitions, games (it is possible for children, and for mothers or grandmothers).
  5. To carry out the game with guessing riddles.
  6. Instruct each child to talk about their mother.
  7. Congratulate moms with poems and gifts.

If the kids get tired very quickly after the first part of the speeches, the tutor can take a short break for 5 minutes. During this time, the teacher himself can tell how children love their mothers, what they say about them. You can also spend a break, during which the teacher will communicate with mothers.

Video examples of performances in honor of March 8 for the younger group of kindergarten

A very beautiful addition to any extracurricular activities can be considered a small performance of kids with dancing. Perfect for the younger group of kindergarten simple waltz, which the boys will perform with girls. And you can include in the program a dance in which children will dance separately, along with toys. In the examples given, you can get ideas for stating such numbers:



Unusual scenario with competitions for mothers by March 8 for school

Festive script for March 8

Every child loves his mom for her attention and care. But every mother has special merits. For example, some of them sew toys, and some cook their pastries well.And some mothers can dance beautifully and sing amazingly. Therefore, in preparation for the celebration of March 8, pupils of primary and secondary schools can include competitions for mothers in the concert program. These may be regular blindfolded drawing competitions or dance competitions. And you can ask mothers to prepare pastries on the eve of the holiday: during the matinee the children will be able to try the proposed rolls, cookies and determine, thus, the winner of the contest.

What contests can be included in the school scenario for March 8 for moms?

Simple contests can be considered attractive, for which mothers do not have to prepare at all. Such a surprise will certainly please the fair sex and help them with their children to get a victory in the competition. Therefore, a dance competition in which moms and decks will perform together should be included in the scenario of the holiday on March 8. For example, you can give moms the task of dancing to the rhythm of different music or repeating movements for their children.

Script Writing Ideas for March 8 for Moms at School

You can diversify the standard programs with reading poetry and playing songs not only with contests, but also with other cool numbers. Will help make scenarios on March 8 at school unusual and funny addition of such speeches:

  • To show a fashion show with unusual costumes (their children should make themselves);
  • play crocodile or other games with guessing words or characters;
  • To hold a ceremony of awarding medals and diplomas to mothers;
  • find out how well the children of their mothers know (students should name their mother's favorite flowers, candy, etc.).

Conclude the concert program by handing out small gifts, previously produced by the students of the school. This can be paper flowers, postcards or drawings. All he will help please moms and give them an unforgettable impression of such a rich event.

What unusual numbers can be included in the script for the March 8 holiday for moms?

At the end of the holiday, lovers of surprises and non-standard numbers are recommended to replace the usual presentation of gifts with a funny contest. On it, the children must for the time make a beautiful gift for their mother. For example, quickly fold the paper tulip or collect beads with the name of the mother. The original competition will help the children and have fun, and moms to please.

An interesting concert scenario for high school students for March 8 - with ideas and examples of numbers

Festive scenario by March 8

An unusual concert from high school students will help to colorfully, brightly and defiantly congratulate classmates, mothers and grandmothers, and teachers on the occasion of March 8. High school students are happy to take on the complex rooms that will help in an excellent mood to spend the whole holiday. Therefore, they must include in the program and the performance of songs and musical battles. And the script, including magic tricks, mini circus performances, will perfectly complement the concert by March 8. A little magic will help to unforgettably meet the spring holiday and leave the audience with pleasant memories.

Room ideas for an interesting concert script by March 8 for high school students

To the most cool numbers, allowing you to create a festive mood, you can include the joke of funny scenes on March 8. For example, he can talk about preparing for a holiday at home, when men are in a hurry trying to decorate the house, and prepare an original dinner. And you can play a scene in which the students themselves will prepare for the event.The thematic sketch, which includes the imitation of the celebration on March 8 by teachers, is also suitable. At this point, they allegedly will consider received gifts, discuss students. But it is important not to overstep the stick and make such dialogues that will not be offensive or harsh.

Examples of numbers for the script for the holiday of March 8 from high school students

Staging song numbers can include both beautiful songs about women and funny songs-modifications about March 8. Original can be considered individual performances of guys who will help them to express respect to all the ladies present at the concert. And you can put a musical number in which both boys and girls will sing. Perfectly complement the performance and kids. High school students can instruct them to sing or perform short verses. The harmonious work of children and pupils of the senior classes will not leave indifferent any of the women present.

The non-standard and funny scenario on March 8 will help to hold an unforgettable celebration of women's day in school and in kindergarten. At the same time, choosing optimal tasks and numbers for children of different ages, you can completely eliminate problems during the performance of kids and high school students in front of the guests of the holiday: mothers, grandmothers, teachers.For example, for the children of the preparatory and junior group of the kindergarten, it is better to select small performances and alternate them with games or competitions. For primary and secondary schools, you can pick up original scenes, song numbers. But high school students are happy to present unforgettable dance performances. Among the ideas proposed and examples considered, one can find excellent options for all children.