7 hidden salt talents that every woman should know about

Salt has long been used not only for cooking. Did you know that using simple salt you can pierce a clogged drain, remove yellow bloom in the bathroom, and even clean a dirty iron? And for this you do not need to buy expensive tools - everything you need (simple rock salt) is already at your fingertips!

Iron cleaning

On your iron accidentally pieced pieces of cloth, plastic or other particles? Do not worry - you can clean the iron with a simple salt. Heat the iron to the maximum, in the meantime, place a piece of baking paper on the plate, sprinkle salt on top. For about 2-5 minutes, iron the paper with some pressure. As a result, the iron will be cleaned without any extra effort.

Quick cleaning

Accidentally broke an egg on the floor or poured something like that? Previously, it would take a lot of time and effort to clean up to completely remove the liquid from the floor. Simple salt has excellent absorbent properties.Sprinkle it on, say, a broken egg, then just wipe the floor with a rag. No additional cleaning action is required, because the salt also disinfects the surface.

Fire extinguishing

You have probably heard that using salt you can easily put out a fire. However, for some reason, few people remember this during cooking on open fire (for example, shish kebabs). Simple salt will immediately put out the fire.

Purification of soot from the pan

After frying meat or other food in a large quantity of oil in a frying pan there are burned pieces and fat that is difficult to wash off? Pour a simple salt into the frying pan, add a little water and mix the resulting mixture. Leave it for 10 minutes in the pan, then simply rinse the container with plain tap water, adding one drop of dishwashing liquid for fidelity.

Cleansing sponges or rags

After a thorough cleaning, you want to throw out a sponge or a rag-they look so unsightly. However, do not rush: you can still reanimate them if you make a strong solution of salt and water (it should get a murky shade). Put a dirty rag or sponge there for the night, in the morning just rinse it under ordinary water - there will be no trace of dirt and grease.

Removing the yellow bloom from the bathroom or sink

To clean the bathroom, sometimes you have to resort to expensive means. Is the game worth the candle, if the same effect can be achieved with the help of two simple ingredients - turpentine and salt? Mix them in a ratio of 1 to 4, wear gloves and use the mixture to wipe the contaminated surface. In just a few minutes you will be able to return the bathroom or sink former glittering look.

Clearing a blocked flow

The sink and bath are often clogged with hair and food pieces. Do not rush to buy potent tools or call a plumber - first try to clean the drain with your own hands. First, pull out all visible blockage that you can (hair, particles of food). Then mix in equal proportions of salt and soda, pour the resulting mixture into the drain. Pour some vinegar on top and wait 15 minutes. To complete the procedure, heat a pot of water and pour boiling water into the sink. This is all you need to successfully clean the clogged conch or bath!