7 cool sweaters for autumn for all days of the week

In the fall, the days are getting shorter, and the clothes are getting warmer. And although now it has become even more difficult to wake up in the morning, it's time to invigorate and begin to look for advantages in the coming season. For example, autumn becomes not so comfortable if you do not have cozy wool sweaters and cardigans, touches of which are like tender embraces or coziness of your favorite home blanket. Knitted clothes are your irreplaceable cocoon from October to April, so it is necessary to build warm relations with her immediately. How about adding to the collection?


Monday is a heavy day, which means that we need a good moral support in the form of a warm turtleneck made of genuine merino wool and a slightly invigorating vitamin C in the coloring.

Turtleneck Uniqlo

Turtleneck Uniqlo (2 999 rub.)


The knitted turtleneck has so many options for socks that, it seems, not to go over everything in autumn. Do not worry, we still have winter in reserve, and we will start with office classics - turtlenecks with a gray wool jacket and skirt or trousers.

Turtleneck Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Turtleneck (£ 88)


When the price allows you to make a choice in favor of high-quality fabrics, we always vote for cashmere. Tactile sensations from this material bring pleasure and make any weather home-like cozy.

Zara sweater

Zara sweater (9 999 rub.)


Thin jumpers with a print designers offer to wear as a blouse - tucked into a skirt or pants. Having passed the middle of the working week, it is worth trying this trick - for example, with a midi cut skirt “half sun”.

Mango Jumper

Jumper Mango (5 499 rub.)


On the last day of the working week you should choose a knitwear with a small share of the holiday. And if you have plans for the evening and no time to change clothes, then simply add large ornaments to this jumper from the brilliant Lurex and go to have fun.

Uterque Jumper

Uterque sweater (7 990 rubles)


A trip out of town, fitness classes or jogging in the park? Despite the grayness outside the window, we force ourselves not to sit still, and we fill the lack of bright colors with colored knitwear.

Sweatshirt H & M

H & M sweatshirt (1 699 rub.)


Not a single day of the week has such a measured meditative charm as Sunday. It seems that on this day even time is slowing down, and if it is impossible to stay at home, I want to take a piece of comfort with me.In the form of a huge fluffy cocoon sweater, for example.