63-year-old Khakamada’s rampant dances excited the network

Everyone would have such a shape and energy at her age!

TV presenter and politician tries not to fall out of sight of his followers on Instagram. She never ceases to amaze with her mad energy and bottomless life force. The other day, Khakamada posted a video that pleasantly surprised and amused fans. Irina has shown that she starts her day with active dances under incendiary tracks. “Energy download. Greetings Good day! ”- signed the star under the post.

The followers immediately responded to such an enchanting video.

“Irina, I admire you! Super! "," I can always look at your dance. What are you cool! "," I respect you! Began to dance like you! I feel great, ”users write.

Especially they were filled with dynamic music. She even posted a link to the tracks that DJ Gleb Bykox creates. In one of the interviews, Khakamada said that she is interested in electronic music. Her fourth spouse, financial adviser Vladimir Sirotinsky, supports his wife in everything.

The 63-year-old Khakamada is in excellent physical shape.In one of her books she told that she keeps her figure taut thanks to the sport. The star tries at least three times a week to do Pilates and, if possible, do strength and cardio exercises. And, of course, she is like a person leading a healthy lifestyle, watching her diet. For breakfast, she has carbohydrates or protein. During the day, Irina tries to maintain her water balance (water and green tea), and dinner with proteins. After 19:00 does not eat at all. However, sometimes it can take advantage of snack, for example, fish. Also, Khakamada does not advise to eat salad in the evening, which further whets the appetite.