40 weeks: how to cause childbirth?

Pregnancy is the waiting time. And it lasts 40 weeks. And the closer the time of the long-awaited meeting with the baby approaches, the harder it is to wait. Especially if the 40th week has already passed, and 41, and now it is already 42. How much is possible ?!

When the 40th week of pregnancy comes, harbingers of childbirth should already be felt. And this:

  • False contractions.
  • Drawing pains in lower abdomen and lower back.
  • The softening of the cervix and the discharge of cork.
  • It usually goes down the belly.

All this suggests that your child is ready to be born. But if by 40 weeks there are no precursors, then it already speaks of a prolongation, which is also undesirable, since the oxygen supply to the placenta decreases. And the baby may experience oxygen starvation. Also, after 40 weeks, the bones of the child’s skull become less mobile, which can injure the child during labor and lead to perineal tears in the mother.

So what to do when you have 40 weeks and no birth? If this situation is familiar to you, then you are thinking about how to cause childbirth.So, there are several ways to speed up the process.

With the help of medicines

If you have a postponement, then in 40 weeks, your doctor decides how to induce childbirth. In hospitals, drug stimulation of labor activity is used. If labor does not begin at 40 weeks, then a woman is given an analogue of the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates the development of labor. It is available in injection and is used if the uterus is ready for delivery.

If by 40 weeks you have uterine immaturity, then doctors use a drug based on prostaglandin hormones. Most often it comes in the form of gels and candles.

Folk methods

If you don’t want to prick yourself with medication and wait for the onset of labor in a hospital bed, then many generations of women who have given birth pass on methods of stimulating the onset of labor by popular or home methods:

  • Stimulation of labor through sex. Sexual intercourse can trigger uterus tone. Sex should be without a condom, since semen contains the very prostaglandin that will accelerate the onset of labor. Just be careful not to bring any sexually transmitted infection.
  • Stimulation of the nipples.During a nipple massage, you allow your body to produce oxytocin, which helps the uterus to contract. Massage also helps prepare your nipples for nursing. Your actions must be careful to prevent microtraumas.
  • Physical exercise. Increasing physical activity, you can provoke the onset of labor. However, do not take this advice too close to your heart. Loads should not be too strong. You can wash the floor, take the stairs, or squat.
  • Cleansing enema. This procedure, though not very pleasant, however, is sometimes useful in this matter.

Of course, you really want to quickly see your baby. However, do not rush too much. Especially if neither you nor your baby are ready for childbirth yet. Otherwise, you can do much harm to yourself and him.