30 stars that have complexes because of their appearance

From the outside it seems that celebrities have no problems with self-esteem. In fact, many of them are very unhappy with their appearance.

We leaf through glossy magazines and sigh, looking at photos of celebrities: how can you be so perfect? How to feel attractive, if here they are, real beauties and beauties, to which the sky? But it turns out the stars have the same problems. They believe that with the appearance of luck to anyone, just not them.

Lindsay Lohan, for example, constantly repaints her hair to get rid of the hated red color. And carefully smears freckles. In general, gets rid of the signs that her fans adore!

Cameron Diaz dreams of curvaceous. So she didn’t have to strain herself to play “a very bad teacher,” who was saving money for a breast augmentation surgery. Many difficulties arise from the actress and because of the skin prone to acne. Before each appearance of the Hollywood beauty has to spend a lot of time on makeup, sighing over their own imperfections.

Well, the Beckham couple, which countless times have been recognized as the most stylish couple, is a real collection of complexes! David is embarrassed by his voice - he is sure that he speaks squeaky, causing rejection of his interlocutors. At one time, he and Victoria were afraid to speak precisely for this reason: he thought he would scare the girl off with his timbre. And the ex- "peppercorn" does not smile in public, because he believes that he does it very ugly. In addition, she is unhappy with her figure, in particular, she does not like the belly. But unlike most women, she doesn’t hide her imperfections under her hoodie outfits, but, on the contrary, puts on a corset or something tight to feel more sexy.

Who else from the stars complex because of their appearance, see and read in our gallery.