30 most famous lovers in history

About these men, the French say: "He has a big heart." Their hearts are really big - for their sometimes short life, the heroes of the Wday.ru collection managed to make happy dozens of women with their love. Or become famous for a long list of love affairs.

Most of these men, fortunately, are not only known for women. An active personal life did not interfere, and at times inspired them to countless feats, the creation of brilliant works of art, states and discoveries. But there is another side to these stories: the ending of the too impetuous lovers often turned out to be sad. Unable to cope with their voluptuousness, the men destroyed themselves, lost their health, became devoted to the environment, lost their wealth and life itself. The stories of these men once again vividly prove the assertion that women are the sweetest and most dangerous weapon of humanity.

Louis XIV de Bourbon (Sun King)

Louis XIV de Bourbon (Sun King)
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September 5, 1638 - September 1, 1715

The king of France and Navarre came to the throne at the age of four and reigned 72 years - longer than any other European king in history. The years of his reign became the epoch of the revival of France, its military power, political weight, intellectual prestige and the flourishing of culture. The court of Louis XIV was known for its feasts and balls, shameless luxury and wealth.

At 22, Louis married the Spanish Infante Maria Theresa of Austria. As is customary in ruling persons, marriage was no more than a necessity. Over time, the Sun King formed a long list of official favorites. For a place near the king of France were fierce wars and trudging intrigue. Favorites were ready to poison each other with poison, blackmail and compromise others. And by all means sought to give birth to Louis XIV of the child, thereby strengthening his position. The Duchess de Lavalier bore him four illegitimate children. Marquise de Montespan - seven more. Another daughter gave birth to Mademoiselle des Oyes. And the Duchess de Fontange could not bear his child.

The king of France, despite his weakness for women, was not an easy prey.So, one of the most influential favorites of the king, the mother of his seven children, miscalculated, hiring widow Madame Scarron as a nanny for her children. Louis drew attention to how touchingly simple woman takes care of his children (not like their own mother). He began to spend more and more time talking to an educated woman and gradually became closer to her. Madame Scarron became his outlet and even returned him to the bosom of the family - Louis XIV, under her influence, restored relations with his already forgotten wife. And after the death of the Spaniard married Scarron, entering into an unequal marriage.

At the end of life, the series of family tragedies left the French throne without a direct heir: one by one, Louis lost all his descendants. Then he legalized the two sons of Madame de Montespan and made them heir to the throne. Louis until the end of his life remained active, firmly maintaining court etiquette and beginning to fade the decor of his “great century”, and died surrounded by the court in 76 years.

Caligula (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanic)

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August 31, AD 12 er - January 24, AD 41 er

One of the most brutal and vicious ancient rulers, Caligula, is known for not knowing the measures of sex. Even in childhood, little Caligula liked to be present at various tortures and executions.Slightly matured, the future ruler began to eat all kinds of debauchery and even deprived her virginity of his sister Drusilla, and then made him his concubine.

When Caligula became emperor, he got bored: he tried everything. But he soon found a new entertainment for himself: he chose a patrician’s wife at feasts, took her to his quarters, and then told in the presence of her husband in detail what the lady was good at and where the lady had gaps in the love bed. Caligula also liked to bring one of his middle-aged concubines to the street naked. Why was it necessary for the emperor, history is silent.

Depraved Caligula badly finished - was killed as a result of a conspiracy. On his dissolute adventures, the film “Caligula” by Tinto Brass was shot.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky
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July 19, 1893 - April 14, 1930

The Soviet futurist poet of the past century was never married, but managed to seduce more than 200 women. An assertive poet pursued his passions. Women, of course, gave up - it was Mayakovsky’s painfully strong gift of conviction. Perhaps, in the record of the poet there would be much more women if it were not for the endless returns to the wife of his friend Lila Brik.It is not clear why she hooked so stately, handsome Mayakovsky, but he was so obsessed with her that he was ready to live in a threesome - with Lily and her husband. They met in 1915. Lilya Brik for him was not just a mistress, but also a muse, to whom he dedicated many of his works. Such love brought the poet great suffering. Muse Mayakovsky recalled how she was frightened by the boundless passion and assertiveness of the poet. It even happened that the futurist was locked up in the kitchen when the Brik couple were making love, and he was trying to escape, scratch and cry.

From time to time, Mayakovsky was distracted from Lily and had an affair with Sophia Shamardina, Natalia Bryukhanenko, Veronika Polonskaya, Tatyana Yakovleva and the Russian emigrant Ellie Jones, whom she met in the USA. Ellie gave birth to a daughter from Mayakovsky Helene Patricia in 1926. Recently it became known that the poet had another child - the artist Lilya Lavinskaya, as a result of her connection with Mayakovsky, in 1921 gave birth to a son, Nikita Lavinsky.

Grigory Orlov

Grigory Orlov
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October 6, 1734 - April 13, 1783

The future favorite of Empress Catherine II and His Serene Highness Prince Orlov was one of the five sons of the Novgorod governor.At 15, he entered the Semenov regiment as a soldier. At 24, after a brave participation in the Seven Years' War, he returned to St. Petersburg, where he managed to combine service with cheerful jokes and risky love adventures. The tall, handsome and stately Orlov was not afraid of a damn or a god and quickly became known as a ladies' man. Being the adjutant of Count Shuvalov, he became interested in his beloved Princess Kurakina. The scandalous story only added to his popularity and drew the gaze of Catherine Alexeevna (the future empress) to him. 25-year-old Orlov fell in love with Catherine, 31, and was ready to go after her to the end of the world. After Catherine's spouse Peter III ascended the throne, it was the Orlov brothers who became her reliable defense and support and helped organize the coup. In April 1762, Catherine gave birth to Orlov an illegitimate son, who was named Alexei (Count Bobrinsky). The child was brought up in the family of Shkurin, the wardrobe master, then he studied and lived abroad.

In June 1762, Catherine took the throne as a result of the coup, and the Orlov brothers (and Grigory himself first) were showered with honors. Orlov was not a statesman in the full sense of the word, but, according to Catherine, no one contributed to her work as well as Grigory Orlov.“Orlov’s abilities were great, but he lacked consistency in subjects that were not worth the care in his eyes, and only a few honored him with his work, and that made him seem more careless than he really was. Nature spoiled him, and he was lazy to everything that had not suddenly occurred to him. ” Nevertheless, Orlov was sent to Moscow, where he successfully overcame the outbreak of an epidemic of plague.

Upon return, the relationship of the Empress and the favorite became more detached, but remained forever warm and strong. Orlov was fond of each Empress maid of honor, to which she graciously closed her eyes and brought the other gentlemen closer to her. At 43, Orlov married his 18-year-old cousin Ekaterina Zinovieva and found in this union a deep feeling and comfort. Unfortunately, the marriage was short: four years later, the princess died from consumption.

Prince Orlov could not survive the loss - he became seriously ill and weakened by his mind. The Empress herself visited him several times, expressed sympathy and collected the best doctors. The treatment did not help: the prince who had fallen into childhood died two years later.

Don Miguel de Manyara (prototype of Don Juan)

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1627 - 1679

Despite the fact that Don Juan is a literary character, a real prototype that perceived sex as a sport, he still had it. The name of the hero-lover Miguel de Manyara. In the “track record” of Don Miguel 640 Italians, 100 French women, 231 German women, 91 Turkish women and 1003 Spanish girls!

Miguel de Manyara was so handsome, that the ladies literally melted away from him. The Spanish macho from Seville was rich, but he never bought love for money on principle. And his life credo was not to have a connection with the same woman twice. Never.

His love affairs ended very suddenly. One night, Miguel was in a hurry for a date, when he suddenly slipped and heard a voice from heaven, which was repeating about his imminent demise. The impressionable de Manyara realized that this was a sign from above and it was time to stop using women in love sports. Then he, in order to atone for his many sins, decided to take up charity and founded the Hospital Hospital de la Caridad.

Currently, this hospital, located in Spanish Seville, is one of the best hospitals in the world. Here is a monument to the great lover and a chapel, under the steps of which he is buried.

Louis XV

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February 15, 1710 - May 10, 1774

Another king of France, Louis XV, in his teens was a pious young man and up to 15 years did not pay attention to the opposite sex.

At first glance, he loved his spouse Maria Leshchinskaya. With his wife, Louis spent much time in the chambers. Proof of this - 10 children. But his love for his wife eventually evaporated, and Louis got himself a mistress - Marquis Maria de Maya. Mary opened the king of the world sexual pleasures, where he could dream and enjoy the fulfillment of their desires.

The royal mistress arranged orgies, and soon Louis, who had come to taste, began to change women like gloves. Spared no titles or money. Probably, it was during this period that the monarch became infected with syphilis, but was able to recover from it.

By the way, the wife Maria had already died. An unpleasant disease changed the preferences of the 30-year-old Louis, and from the age of 30 he ordered to admit only virgins to the royal bedroom. For these purposes, the boarding house “Oleniy Park” was created in Versailles, where the young daughters of the nobility lived in full royal care - their parents willingly gave them here.

In the “Deer Park” girls lived up to 15 years, the king taught them arithmetic and the basics of religion. In 15 years, "graduates" went to the bedroom of the King of France. If the “deer” did not become pregnant before the age of 17, then they were married with a good dowry.

In parallel, the monarch devoted time to his most famous mistress, Madame Poisson. The woman was depraved and unsatisfied, maybe that is why she became his main lover for a long time. He even gave her the title of Marquise de Pompadour. Unbridled sexual depravity killed Louis - it is not known from whom he picked up the deadly pox, and this led him to a sad end.

Elvis Presley

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January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

The king of rock and roll was married only once, but he had many novels. He met his future wife Priscilla Presley long before her coming of age and told the girl to wait for him (at the time of her acquaintance she was only 14 years old, Priscilla Presley was born in 1945). Love for Priscilla was touching, the girl reminded Elvis of a deceased mother whom he loved most. Elvis transported her young lover to her and lived with her, guarding her virginity before the wedding.However, the presence of the bride did not interfere with the king of rock and roll to have fun with the fans. The future wife learned about the adventures of the bridegroom from the newspapers and, of course, was terribly angry, but did not stop loving him. In 1967, the couple got married, and in 1968 they had a daughter, Lisa-Marie. After the birth of her daughter, family relationships went wrong, their marriage lasted until 1973. “Girls are not a hobby. It's more fun, ”the king of rock and roll said about the female field.

John kennedy

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May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

The 35th President of America was always neat, combed, dressed with needles and knew how to speak beautifully. What else does a woman need to be seduced? According to biographers, more than 1,500 women passed through the President’s bed. Among them were the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood - Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Mansfield, Kim Novak, Janet Lee, Shirley MacLaine and, of course, the sex symbol of Marilyn Monroe, the novel with which nearly cost him his career. The president said that he never loved anyone, but only passionately in love. Even pretty Monroe quickly tired of the president because of her obsession. Knowing about all the adventures of her husband, Jacqueline Kennedy just closed her eyes.A young politician, meanwhile, amused himself to the fullest, inviting several women to his bed. Even the arising love of actress Judith Campbell-Exner did not put an end to Kennedy's loving nature.

Grigory Rasputin

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January 21, 1869 - December 30, 1916

Disputes about the personality of Grigory Rasputin have not abated until now. Was he a pious man or did his surname fully justify his way of life? A Siberian peasant appeared at the imperial court under mysterious circumstances. A chance meeting with two princesses decided his fate. The women introduced the emperor to a healer and a soothsayer with charisma and the gift of persuasion. Soon the fame of Rasputin spread across St. Petersburg. It was rumored that all the notable ladies of the cultural capital visited the bed with the seer. The life of the court healer is shrouded in mystery and gossip. Women were looking for meetings with him, despite the fact that he humiliated them: he touched them in different places in front of their husbands, forced them to kiss their boots, and swam with them in the bath. Women were eager to surrender to him. For the sake of justice, I must say, it was already difficult to find a healthy Siberian peasant in St. Petersburg at that time. Even one of Rasputin's murderers, Felix Yusupov, suffered from sodomy.In short, Rasputin, with his natural sexuality, fell to the court of the emperor. They say that the healer did not only satisfy the ladies of noble birth, but also arranged orgies with women of easy virtue.