3 myths about creams

Myth number 1 "Dear cream is more effective and better than cheap"

Of course, the comrades do not have the taste and color, and you should not agitate for buying an inexpensive cream, but if you take the matter seriously and objectively, you can find out that the compositions of the expensive and cheap sample are identical. Anyway, all creams have similar compositions because the base of the cream: water or decoction and oils. And then the manufacturer has already started to dance who is on that much. The price of a cream does not reflect its effectiveness at all, but rather reflects the cost of packaging, advertising and a tribute to the trend. Tip number 1 Carefully compare the composition of expensive and cheap creams

Myth number 2 "In the night cream for the face is not necessary if there is a day"

Perhaps, but only while you are younger than 25 years old, and after it is time. The fact is that the gradual, sometimes imperceptible wilting of the skin begins with 25 years plus minus a couple of years. A night cream, coupled with daytime are designed to postpone this regrettable event at a later date. Night cream is always stronger and more active day. Due to the fact that at night the skin rests and is less exposed to aggressive factors,manufacturers make night cream more saturated with various active substances, which, acting on the skin, make it smoother and fresher by morning. And the main vocation of a day cream is to protect the skin from environmental factors that are extremely unfavorable to those acting on it during the day. Tip # 2 Do not neglect the use of night cream for the face.

Myth number 3 "In the store or pharmacy, you can buy a completely natural cream"

Alas, but no. Completely natural, you can either make yourself, or buy from someone who makes. And then, if such a cream is stored for about a month, even in the refrigerator, it is worth considering. Absolutely natural cream will be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Council number 3 Carefully read the full composition of the cream. Even if it is declared by the manufacturer as completely natural, preservatives should be indicated in the composition, possibly at the very end of the composition.