12 Unexpected Ways to Use Baby Oil

Have you heard this joke about baby oil? Something like:

"If corn oil is made from corn, and peanut oil is made from peanuts, then what is baby oil made from?"

Answer:Children's milk is produced from mineral and aromatic oils by industrial specialists; children have poorly developed fine motor skills or lack chemistry knowledge to manufacture baby oil.

baby oil

Baby oil is useful for a wider range of tasks than just hygiene for children. It can smooth, soften, lubricate, clean, polish and more. Of course, do not forget about the uses for which this oil was originally intended.

Meet some unusual tips and techniques for using baby oil:

Method # 1: First, DO NOT do this.

man drinks baby oil

Do not use baby oil as a “personal” lubricant, especially if you use a latex condom. (Just look at item 2 below to find out who will win the latex-baby oil battle.)

Do not use it as a cream for or from tanning. Melanoma looks bad enough.

Do not drink baby oil. It has a laxative property and probably is not tasty. (Mineral oil in small quantities is usually safe for human consumption, but only in milligrams. Some of them are used in bakeries and other types of food industry because they have no smell or taste. I think that the mineral oil which is part of children's oil is not food so Stop, do not drink it.)

Do not use it in a 2-stroke engine.

Do not send baby oil to the pilots. Stop ... it seems about lasers. But still be careful with the baby oil next to the helicopter pilot. You can, for example, slip and fall, and in addition pilots prefer the smell of aviation fuel.

Method # 2: Scrub the latex paint from the skin

latex paint and baby oil

I worked as a painter for a couple of years. And in one thing I was always sure that I would not do my hands anyway at the end of the day, they would be smeared in paint.

Latex paints and primers have a disgusting feature.Sometimes they are simply removed as rubber glue, but most often remain on the knuckles for several days. Whenever soap and other means did not help, baby oil always came to my rescue.

Slightly rub the part of the body on which the paint has fallen, use a cotton swab, rag, napkin or something else that is at hand. Do not rub too hard on the outside of the stain. Baby oil is not a scrub, it is more gentle and gentle means.

It worked when I turned over 20 liters of paint, stumbling over a ladder. Such a quantity of paint covers not only the usual "problem" areas (hands, speckles on the face, etc.), it also penetrates into some unusual places, which can be very sensitive to the removal of paint. Presumably the oil decomposes latex to such an extent that it begins to flake off. That's why a condom + baby oil = one wonderful event 9 months later.

Method # 3: Massage Oil

baby oil instead of massage oil

Use baby oil as a massage. Remember our instructions on latex above. Rubber gloves will degrade, like balloons and possibly some parts of hand-held massagers.

Method # 4: Earwax Removal

earwax removal with baby oil

When earphones first began to enter our lives, I was deaf in one ear. Panicked, I went to the doctor, only to find out that I had a sulfuric plug, my earwax clogged my ear and I could not hear. Unpleasant, is not it?

For a temporary hearing loss, there is a simple home remedy: baby oil!

While you are lying on your side or tilting your head, so that the affected ear is pointing up, pour 5 drops of baby oil into your ear. Hold it there long enough for it to dissolve everything there, and then let it drain on a towel or sink. You can use a small amount of warm water and a syringe WITHOUT a needle to wash off the remnants.

Method # 5: Makeup Removal

Removing makeup with baby oil

Drip some baby oil on a cotton pad. Gently rub it where it is necessary to wash off the makeup. You can use a second cotton pad to remove excess oil.

In this unusual application of baby oil 2 pluses at once: it removes make-up and makes your eyelids soft and supple.

Method # 6: Bath Oil

taking a bath with baby oil

Add a small amount of baby oil to the water when you take a bath next time.It will make your skin soft and silky. May prevent skin wrinkling from water.

Method # 7: Aftershave Cream

baby oil as a shaving creamUse baby oil as a shaving lotion for any kind of shaving, EXCEPT as shown in this picture.

Use baby oil as a shaving lotion on any part of the body except the face. It works best as a layer on top of traditional moisturizing creams to fix freshness.

Method # 8: Keep Warm

baby oil as frost protection

In our regions, the air temperature is almost half a year below -10 degrees Celsius. My niece uses baby oil or petroleum jelly as an extra protection for exposed skin when she goes to school. Apparently, this prevents frostbite and dry skin.

But utility and practicality always have a reasonable limit. You can not be in the cold, when even the birds fall from the trees, go out in the same underwear. Oil will not save you, although of course it can increase the time it takes for you to turn into a piece of ice.

Method # 9: We soften the heels and cracks on the feet


If your heels are cracked, become dry and unattractive ... baby oil and a sock will help you.

Put a little baby oil on your heels before going to bed and dress your socks. You will be pleasantly surprised when you wake up.

Method # 10: Reduce stretch marks during pregnancy

reduction of stretch marks during pregnancyIt is clear that in fact I am not pregnant. Not a woman. You will not be fooled for a second.

Apply a little baby oil to soften the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. I heard good reviews about cocoa butter, as well as shea butter. Almost anything greasy and absorbent.

But baby oil should fit just perfectly, as you oil the temporary orphanage directly.

Method # 11: Quick polishing furniture

polishing furniture with baby oil

If your dinner starts in ten minutes and you have just noticed terrible water stains on the tabletop, do not be afraid. Baby oil will save you by providing quick polishing.

Mineral oil will give a good and steady shine to your furniture, creating a waterproof barrier, will surprise any of your guests. In addition, will give a pleasant children's fragrance.

Method # 12: Unravel the Chain

chain and baby oil

Sometimes your necklace is so confused that it seems impossible to unravel it. Before you throw away your gold and diamonds in frustration, try a bath with a small child. It will lubricate all metal parts and stones, which will simplify the process of unraveling.After soaking the jewelry in the bath, use a pin to untie the tangled knots.

Congratulations! You have just saved your marriage without throwing away expensive jewelry. You are welcome.

Method # 13: Remove chewing gum, wax or adhesive plaster

hand adhesive plaster

If you stick with chewing gum, put wax on your skin or hair, baby oil will help to remove it. Apply a small amount to the affected area, leave it for a while, and then just wipe it off with your fingers. This will make it easier to remove the gum, soften the wax and help remove the old adhered dressing without pulling out the hair.

This is an especially good way to remove excess wax after depilating the eyebrows or bikini area.

For those of you who more often remove bandages than body hair, applying a small amount of oil around the dressing would be a great option if you don’t get upset to just tear it all off in an instant! A little patience and the adhesive plaster will begin to peel off by itself, do not even touch it! Confident, but gentle, here is the way to do it. Cruel love.