12 foods that seemed healthy food

500-600 kcal do you think half the daily requirement? Is not it enough? A textbook on normal physiology recommends 1700 kcal to female students. But the girls believe. That 1200 kcal / day is normal and as a result does not get the most pleasant results. Medical student.

a guest28.06.16 14:44

On the Internet, information flashed that reducing calorie leads to a longer life!

about whole grains killed at all ... "if you overeat" - if you overeat, then everything will be harmful, because overeating is harmful in principle, it is not only overweight, it is also poisoning of the body, because the stomach does not cope with it

and in general, enough to equate a healthy diet with a low-calorie diet. you might think exhaustion is a myth. high-calorie foods are beneficial to as many people as low-calorie foods depend on the metabolic rate

It is best to use only natural products and drink only clean water))) I personally follow a vegetarian diet, I mostly use fruits and vegetables + filtered water (worth bluefilters).