114 release. Habitat - Scammers

Habitat - Scammers

Habitat - Scammers.

Anyone can become a victim of fraudsters. Therefore, in the art gallery, in the bank, and in the store, you need to be alert all the time and remember a few tips from Habitat.


- The most reliable way to make money transactions in ATMs on the territory of banks - there fraudsters never install reading equipment.
- Connect the SMS Bank service and each time after paying for the card, check the text of the SMS. If the name of the organization does not match the name in the SMS, block the card until the circumstances are clarified.
- Insure your bank card. If money is stolen from a card, the bank will refund you the entire amount within 10 days.
- In a cafe or recreation area, where there is free Wi-Fi, it is better not to make any financial transactions. If a scammer is near you, he can read your data and transfer money from the card. It is safer to use 3G Internet. Intruders will not be able to penetrate the personal network.
- Before signing a contract with an intermediary firm, carefully read all the points. In no case do not sign the act of acceptance of work before they are completed.
- To protect your car from the thieves of numbers, replace the screws that secure the sign with rivets.


These tips will help you avoid becoming a victim of scam.