Refresh interior

Refresh interior I'm thinking about updating the interior in my Moscow apartment. But for now, I doubt whether to order the services of a designer or you can do without it? What do you advise? There are 5 answers Rijskaya Answered on June 13.

How to protect yourself from an energetic vampire

How to protect yourself from an energetic vampire Not all vampires have leathery wings and sharp fangs. Among us walking around a lot of vampires who are no different from other people. They lead an ordinary life, among them may be our relatives, friends.

How to become a fairy in Sims 3

How to become a fairy in Sims 3? How to become a fairy in Sims 3? Thanks to the new add-on "Supernatural" in Sims 3, the player has a unique opportunity to settle in the world of Sims fairytale Fairy. About fairies mentioned in.

How can I track the parcel with Aliexpress

How can I track the parcel with Aliexpress? Aliexpress has long been one of the most popular and favorite online stores among Russian buyers: many interesting products are often at a low cost and on favorable terms. But you need to buy wisely: the.

How to fly to Vietnam

How to fly to Vietnam? Olga Koval March 25, 2015 Every year exotic Vietnam attracts more and more tourists, especially when it is winter and cold in Russia: you really want to get out of this usual hustle and bustle and soak up the.

How to make a video with music

How to make a video with music? At the dawn of cinematography, even silent black and white cinema seemed to people something supernatural. Nowadays, in order to attract attention to the video, it is required to take the most responsible approach to every detail.

How to get rid of toxicosis

How to get rid of toxemia? Toxicosis is not a pleasant phenomenon during pregnancy. In most women, toxicosis, morning sickness, manifests itself in early pregnancy, but it also happens that toxicosis is late. The causes of toxicosis can be very different, ranging from hormonal.

Chocolate cream Othello

Chocolate cream "Othello" Photo: Getty Images Ingredients Powdered sugar500 gramsCocoa powder200 gramsMilk8 tbsp.Vanilla extract2 tsp.Butter100 grams Preparation time:10 minutes Cooking time:15 minutes Flow temperature:Chilled Dish Kitchen:European Season:year round In a small cup, mix the powdered sugar with cocoa. In turn, whip butter in the.

Amoveo SPA - the best for body and soul

Amoveo SPA - the best for body and soul In one of the best SPA salons in St. Petersburg and Russia Amoveo Spa you can plunge into the incredible world of pleasure. Here you will not only forget about everyday problems and rest from.

This cheese will be one of your favorite dishes

This cheese will be one of your favorite dishes! Healthy and tasty breakfast or snack at work - all this can be quickly figured out, having on hand a delicious homemade cheese. Make it from milk and yogurt. And here are two whole ways.

What is the wind

What is the wind? Watch the video What is the wind? Nature is filled with many different phenomena, interesting, beautiful and even frightening. We will devote this article to such a phenomenon as the wind. The wind cannot be seen, but the effects of.

Cucumber-cabbage rolls: unusual feed - excellent result

Cucumber-cabbage rolls: unusual feed - excellent result Cucumbers and cabbage - guests hospitable table. Options to prepare them for the winter mass. Tasty recipes are handed down from generation to generation. At the same time, it is still possible to surprise guests with an.

How to behave

How to behave? The culture of a particular person can be judged by his behavior in a public place. A well-bred person is distinguished by: delicacy and attentiveness; politeness and tact; conversation in a low voice; courtesy and goodwill; lack of sharp movements, grimaces.

Creamy sauce with zucchini

Creamy sauce with zucchini Photo: Elena Moskalenko Ingredients Zucchini250 gramsCream 20% fat250 millilitersBulb onions1 pieceGarlic2 teethSugar1 pincholive oil (for frying)Butter20 gramsPepper MixFenugreek cereal mixture (ground)2 tbsp. Servings: Flow temperature:Hot dish Processing Type:Extinguishing Cream solution with zucchini - especially for This sauce may well.

How to buy property abroad

How to buy property abroad? Unfortunately, real estate in Russia is much more expensive than in many other countries. Therefore, recently, an increasing number of people are interested in the question of how to buy property abroad. The American center, which analyzes the real.

What to do when frostbite

What to do when frostbite You will need - warm tea; - bandages or gauze; - cotton wool; - oilcloth or film; - 100 g of wax; - 500 g of unrefined sunflower oil; - 10 cut donuts in onions; - A handful of.

How to make a video camera

How to make a video camera? If you are interested in learning how to make a video camera, which will be a video surveillance system, then you need to have a smartphone that runs on the Symbian operating system, as well as be able.

Body art - art, not everyone understands

Body art - art, not everyone understands The body is the only thing that a person owns completely, which means that this is a huge, interesting and amazing field for experiments that helps people "open up", show themselves and distinguish themselves among the crowd.

How to determine the phenotype

How to determine the phenotype? A phenotype is a combination of genetic traits adapted to the particular environmental conditions in which a person resides. On the basis of this concept, the definition of race as a population is constructed, the members of which have.

As celebrated Christmas in different countries of Europe

How is Christmas celebrated in different European countries? Christmas is always bright emotions, a beautiful family holiday, which is fanned by a certain aura of mystery and magic. If you want to feel new emotions and try to spend this holiday differently, then go.

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